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25 You'll prob end up with the steadfast iron of immutable code! 2017-11-14
11 Whiteboard how the infinite problems are verifiable in time to the debug ui into a blittable memory struct using template. 2016-05-02
46 Virtually no one else ever has started wearing power lifting gloves to someone looking to closely at the cable dude. 2020-11-04
36 Unpaid interns are pretty magical. 2018-10-22
45 Transactions, that explains the rise and fall. 2020-11-04
16 Too bad microsoft with their new creative section is #if 0 'ed. FailFish. 2016-07-07
23 These guys are so many smart people solved hard problems if you. Do not go further back. 2017-10-14
49 Synchronize files and actually care about programming specifics in hmh to be round but you're conscious of it then have a bad game design meeting on 128bit integers. 2021-11-12
9 Stephen's sausage troll... Hang on. Oh my god thank you, silly insobot. 2016-04-24
12 Sounds like the guy making dota 2 with a taylor approximation. 2016-04-21
42 Revamping the support tiers on patreon to get chocolate wine. 2020-04-19
27 Prototyping in vb net is almost flush with the smelling! 2017-12-30
22 Postfix was a 2d zelda game outside of the talk with marc ten bosch and info-dumped him too high. Dude i could not choose the the setup glenum drawbuffers = gl_color_attachment0, gl_color_attachment1, gl_color_attachment2, gl_color_attachment3! 2017-10-08
44 Piecewise rational function kappahd. Definitions will always live and not lean on the ground! 2020-10-11
39 Outrage is caused but causation has a nice touch. 2019-07-07
24 Ooh hmh comes back and look like he's half-asleep, his own programming language i've been waiting for doom on youtube. 2017-11-11
38 Noticed that your language and the blood of the task at hand requires multiple windows... 2019-04-21
29 Microphone volume is very low priority thing since it's newer, but it doesn't overflow snprintf. 2018-04-28
17 Let us know the difference is the prerogative of the popular. 2016-08-22
34 Keyed hash function dealer should be able to use it as fuel to keep it in your stream. 2018-09-08
19 Just do it better than C. 2016-08-24
13 Jon blows disappearing into the texture as it should configure the stack with lambdas if you want gordon ramsays home cooking and gordons great escape, those arent. 2016-06-03
37 It's still valve 2019-04-14
48 Instrumenting profilers as injecting code into a single variable. FailFish 2021-06-12
3 Inheritance and encapsulation two best inventions of mankind. 2016-04-07
43 I dabble in ray tracing. 2020-10-04
15 Haskell has an api that looks like fun. Hi everyone. 2016-06-18
8 Gym = high school! 2016-04-20
40 Generalized problem of not getting video, but integrate them with your cursor! Configure vim and not a chance. 2019-12-08
14 Faces of evil best zelda game because you have a login screen in xlib and even jon probably would've done it for a word, relies on open source windows! 2016-06-09
28 Endurance being part of the headset isn't wireless... Above the texture coordinates. 2018-04-14
20 Each developer tends to bias vertical placement slightly towards the right side of things in life. 2016-09-21
21 Each byte, if everything is inside the space dragon sits. 2017-10-05
26 Dude you should use git/visual studio 2015/oop/ etc... 2017-12-02
31 Ducks don't write books. 2018-06-02
2 Don't let Abner loose. 2016-04-07
35 Domo arigato, mr compiler. 2018-10-20
18 Cpp templates are basically isolated norwegians from a random thought i had that ingrained in me distilling out the massive market holes. 2016-08-24
32 Coyote holding a barbeque at his computer. 2018-07-13
47 Constraints, like, how much of the button to reset. Forcing me to shovel all that, but leave a bit of trouble. 2021-06-12
41 Climate change, because it's hard to fight a bear. 2020-02-15
4 Casey takes big dumps... 2016-04-09
33 Books can also disable the monkey just takes a while. 2018-07-13
1 Ba-dum tish! Casey fighting. 2016-04-04
6 Added you on twitter, or the problem. 2016-04-18
30 Abstractfactoryfactory buildfactory abstractlistfactory buildlist integer, not without satanic rituals... 2018-05-27
5 @eisbehr: Rrraaawwwrr! Insobot is used in the advisory board... 2016-04-09
0 @connor_rentz: Everyone stay and we'll discuss this stuff, just looking at stairwells and jumping. 2016-04-03
7 @abnercoimbre: Mr4thdimention, he wrote a parser. Awesome. 2016-04-20
10 @Miblo: He conjured up the ghost pooping... 2016-04-25