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18 I'm not going to bother with a full system backup. This is RISCY business after all 2017-12-07
17 For Handmade stuff I really do like the idea of just diving in and really understanding the code. 2017-03-07
16 And then there's a comment that just says The. 2017-03-07
15 You can quote whatever you like, Miblo. 2017-03-01
14 It seems like, as you get older, the years start to go by like weeks. 2017-03-01
13 We are going to try it and see what horrible things we have done today. 2017-01-17
12 This show is supposed to be about RISC-V. 2017-01-11
11 I will don the Thinking Cap. 2017-01-11
10 Well, the music has done, which means the stream has begun. 2017-01-06
9 I am grounded once again. 2016-12-29
8 I'm too giddy to do that. 2016-12-28
7 I'm just going to unplug my mouse. 2016-12-28
6 We have a vision that makes cohesive sense as a whole. 2016-12-19
5 We're going to stumble around until we make it to the proverbial bathroom. 2016-12-14
4 Maybe sometimes you just want sixteen splits. 2016-12-14
3 That looks, just by the size of it, that it's good documentation. 2016-12-14
2 I dream of nice things. 2016-12-02
1 Stay RISCY, everyone. 2016-11-16
0 Maybe this patch wasn't the best idea. 2016-10-31