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0This could be very exciting, potentially.2016-03-02
1And then... no, I ran the wrong thing again!2016-03-02
2Wow, I just ate something weird.2016-03-02
3I'll crop it out in OBS.2016-03-17
4We'll just have a "bottom of the screen is not in view" day.2016-03-17
5I don't hear any beep boop...2016-03-17
6Let's start glancing at it, then I'll show you something cool.2016-03-17
7All bits are lit.2016-03-17
8I avoid them, like I avoid all STDs in real life.2016-05-07
9That's a little better. Whatever it's not gonna solve world peace.2016-05-07
10The type of a type is Type.2016-05-07
11It's just a carnival of lose.2016-05-07
12Sorry, I didn't eat enough cookies and my brain sugar is low.2016-05-07
13Whoever designed that would be fired from my company.2016-05-14
14I'm in Dear Esther all of a sudden.2016-05-14
15This battle required 3 times as much programming as the rest of the game.2016-05-15
16I'm going to make a farming game called "farming sucks"2016-05-16
17There's this thing in C++ called SFINAE, but it's banana nut balls.2016-05-21
18Sooo sub-optimal.2016-07-24
19It's easy to have weird notions.2016-07-25
20It's a problem, first of all, because it just doesn't work in windows.2016-07-25
21Shut up! shut up! I'm giving a presentation.2016-07-25
22You'll go bananas trying to deal with this problem.2016-07-25
23Nobody at microsoft can program at this point.2016-08-23
24That may just be me being stodgy and / or stubborn.2016-08-23
25I always have a Casey Muratori in my head somewhere.2016-08-23
26Let's do something crazy.2016-08-23
27It wants strings and it's trying to pass guys.2016-09-01
28C++ can't do this. But we can do that. We can totally do that.2016-09-01
29If you program like this... go work at Microsoft or something.2016-09-01
30Hope is amazing when you can have it.2016-11-21
31It works if we don't hit that bug.2017-01-21
32Maybe I spilled water all over the floor. That's definitely possible.2017-01-22
33I'm not gonna debate anybody about these topics.2017-01-22
34That's not even in the shader man, that's totally in the if statement.2017-01-22
35We still don't, to this day, know how to make things weigh the same as a duck.2017-01-22
36I need to not use concave symmetric pot.2017-01-22
37BOOM Headshot.2017-01-22
38If this were my game, you'd see this by looking out of the... Ah!2017-01-22
39Ouch, yeah.2017-01-25
40This is mostly for you guys.2017-01-25
41My teapot decides to keep the water boiling by default.2017-01-25
42They should call me Mr T because of all the tea I drink.2017-01-25
43Maybe it's time to blow this cheap taco stand.2017-01-25
44As soon as they put logo on duct tape, I will quit computing forever.2017-01-26
45If you guys don't know what "Hello, Sailor" is then you need to learn some video game history.2017-01-27
46This is gonna be like playing music, but we don't destroy other music.2017-01-27
47This is not a dancing stream.2017-01-27
48Am I stupid?!2017-01-28
49We see arguments. It's like seeing dead people, but different.2017-01-28
50Maybe that just works. That didn't just work.2017-01-28
51People who made open gl are assholes.2017-01-29
52I need more snack surface area.2017-02-01
53Let's get rid of that, that's more Windows floating around that we don't need.2017-02-01
54See I told you, I was being stupid.2017-02-02
55Svn commit -m "Dank."2017-02-02
56Y'all ready to try an experiment?2017-02-02
57Well it didn't work, and we can't debug it. So that's it. I quit programming now.2017-02-02
58This shouldn't be hard, why are you all assholes?2017-02-02
59I have some things to say to Mr. OpenGL, and they're not happy nice things.2017-02-02
60This is boring and stupid.2017-02-02
61The weights are all -1 which means the problem is that this shader doesn't even lift.2017-02-02
62Maybe I'm not killing it seriously enough.2017-02-03
63Ok, Going to explain it again.....NOPE, you got to re-watch it.2017-02-04
64Nobody's put the peanut butter in the chocolate very much.2017-02-04
65Isn't it neat how you can just make things by typing code?2017-02-05
66I learned Mips assembly in college. That's some good stuff. Sort of.2017-02-05
67You can't multiply in C++ because it is a pointer dereference.2017-02-05
68We are SO beyond compiler bug territory. We're past the thunderdome here.2017-02-05
69I don't like anything about what Microsoft are doing these days.2017-02-05
70Why are people backseat driving?2017-02-05
71Maybe I'm stupid all this week because I've been streaming so much.2017-02-05
72What the hell tea is this?2017-02-05
73I'm much happier programming in this language.2017-02-05
74This scrollbar will have explosions. I guarantee.2017-02-05
75We're trackin'2017-02-05
76Middle of the bar goes where we are.2017-02-06
77What is this game about? It's about pushing boxes.2017-02-06
78I should put this here. Because I'm stupid.2017-02-06
79Boy, I sure am getting a lot of quotes added lately.2017-02-06
80That's the problem with streaming, is that I say stuff and then it gets added to the quotes.2017-02-06
81The difference between bad software and good software is that in good software you go fix the problems.2017-02-06
82Swap = true, boom boom.2017-02-06
83This is what UI code is by the way, it's just a bunch of stuff.2017-02-06
84Hot dogs are pretty important but they're not as important as putting text into the copy buffer.2017-02-06
85That's just great when you try to repro something and then you just go Holy ***2017-02-06
86According to this, i'm doing really bad stuff all the time.2017-02-06
87Twitch is fascist.2017-02-06
88Dude Unicode is a disaster, I think it needs to be destroyed.2017-02-06
89Frog Fractions 2 should have had Fez 2 in it. That would have been quality.2017-02-06
90That's just communist.2017-02-06
91Why isn't it accepting 15 16? That's just communist.2017-02-06
92Look at that. We're better than emacs.2017-02-06
93I just see a bunch of crap here.2017-02-06
94Oh my god Becky. Look at that scroll.2017-02-07
95Sometimes I get bummed out about how my error messages aren't that good, and then I see this garbage.2017-02-07
96How do I have 94 quotes already? We were at like 40 last week.2017-02-07
97It's the Barack Obama scroll. Yes we can. ...No, if this were a Donald Trump scroll, we wouldn't have all that UTF-8 work we did, so you couldn't print Korean and stuff. We would be able to print Russian, though.2017-02-07
98We're getting nested here.2017-02-07
99You don't have to finish Stephen's Sausage Roll, you're just missing possibly the greatest puzzle game of all time. It's your choice, man.2017-02-07
100I feel kind of slow and stupid today.2017-03-25
101Dude, Photoshop sucks.2017-03-25
102If that doesn't make sense, then, well, learn some linear algebra cause it's cool.2017-03-25
103Sometimes things seem wrong but they're actually right.2017-03-25
104Being lazy is a little bit of a skillset sometimes.2017-03-25
105We want high resolution cute kittens.2017-03-25
106Something is broken, and I think it's OpenGL.2017-03-25
107Oh this is an enum, not a struct. DAUUHHH.2017-03-25
108I don't hate it.2017-03-25
109I just have no idea. I'm ready to just give up and throw all my computers out the window.2017-03-25
110This should definitely kill one of the dimensions. And it doesn't.2017-03-25
111I know! I know! I know!2017-03-26
112They're all at z=1. How is that even a good idea?2017-03-26
113I just shouldn't have streamed today, because I'm too stupid today, period.2017-03-26
114This is a little bit annoying, because we multiplied by our hack factor and stuff.2017-03-26
115This is a testament to how far you can get with something that is totally broken.2017-03-26
116I've given up trying to understand OpenGL.2017-03-26
117Change or remove a program... RenderDoc... Uninstall. Goodbye.2017-03-26
118The incoming bullets are weird... they don't feel that incoming.2017-05-15
119That was no Half-Life tram ride.2017-05-15
120Drinkin' some tea out of the toilet.2017-05-15
121I need a better anti-dude thing.2017-05-15
122I tend to want the game to start when I start playing the game.2017-05-15
123Doctor Yu... No, Doctor Me!2017-05-16
124Guys, if this is your game, it has to be better than this.2017-05-17
125Whoever designed this part of the game is fired.2017-05-18
126Gah, the interface! [shoots in-game computer screen with shotgun]2017-05-18
127It's been 25 years since I've used scheme... and that is intentional.2017-05-25
128You might say "7 instructions, that sounds like a lot", but it's way way less than taking a cache miss, bucko!2017-05-25
129If you use goto, you sign the warranty that you know what you're doing.2017-05-25
130If these robots were real animals, there'd be NO way I'd be sneaking around them. Fortunately, these robots run Linux.2017-05-25
131Here we got the big SAILOR.2017-05-27
132Don't get distracted.2017-05-27
133And the reason you'd do that is because "oh, maybe you'll bind something to the global namespace" but no, fu-- no...2017-05-27
134Why does the red top make my suspenders not be there?2017-06-03
135How do I jump out? That's communist.2017-06-03
136Covfefe is hiding in here.2017-06-05
137I like when a game doesn't put HUD crapplets.2017-06-06
138The guards all have shoddy bows. It's the new Benghazi.2017-06-06
139Now THAT is a commitable offence.2017-06-25
140Sometimes programming is just about reverting.2017-06-26
141Assert-Lambda! That's the name of my new band.2017-06-26
142That was weaksauce! That was the weakest sauce in the sauce-world.2017-06-26
143Structurally, that was just a tiny, benign tumor.2017-06-27
144There's no weird constructor juice.2017-07-10
145The key is to let the people who make the content do most of the work.2017-07-20
146What are ScriptableObjects? Is that a Unity thing? Are you seriously asking me about a Unity thing?2017-07-20
147Okay. When we re-pointering...2017-07-20
148Svn commit -m "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?????!??!?!?!?"2017-07-20
149Microsoft has no respect for anything.2017-07-20
150I already don't necessarily like this.2017-07-21
151It's time to just quit game programming and play Knack.2017-07-21
152[Casey] I bought Youtube Red for that reason too. [Jon] I bought Redtube for that reason too.2017-07-22
153Your microaggressions disturb me.2017-07-22
154I liked The Witness. That was pretty good.2017-07-22
155More like Steam Early Poopcess.2017-07-22
156The ghost is levying microaggressions at me.2017-07-22
157I am an influencer of poopdogs. Poopfluencer. It's like Neuromancer.2017-07-22
158That was some advanced computer science right there.2017-07-22
159Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he didn't want to get shot.2017-07-24
160That's 2 for 2, by the way, for car flips.2017-07-24
161Yeah. Let's play again and not die.2017-07-24
162This car steers like a cow.2017-07-24
163Those cheap European cars *car does a flip*2017-07-24
164Okay, there's not gonna be a car in this swamp.2017-07-24
165I don't know what left is.2017-07-24
166Every life matters. [Runs over an enemy player]2017-07-24
167It's a pretty janky game technically, but sometimes, games succeed despite their problems.2017-07-24
168If you want to go from a typical programmer to a good programmer, the most important thing to learn is weighing costs vs benefits.2017-07-24
169Hey Hummus, did you win Stephen's Sausage Roll yet? Or are you a loser?2017-07-24
170Hey, thanks for the resub, buddy412!2017-07-25
171Bye, stream channel watchers!2017-07-25
172Just don't get hit and shoot people.2017-07-25
173[Jon] You don't look particularly hidden right now. [tek256] I'm in the shadows, I--Oh god! [gunshots]2017-07-25
174Man, who lives in this purple building? This is Prince's house.2017-07-25
175Donald Trump wants me to use the M16.2017-07-25
176[Devon] I'm at peak manifestation right now.2017-07-25
177At 9:00 I'll probably do a snack run to Whole Foods so I don't starve tonight.2017-07-26
178[Casey] I regret to inform the academy that I still do not have a firearm.2017-07-26
179[Casey] I am literally stuck in a fucking pool.2017-07-26
180If you win, you get a copy of my painter game prototype.2017-07-26
181[Casey] It's an unsolved problem in computer science to know whether or not you can see somebody.2017-07-26
182There is a thing called criminal negligence.2017-07-26
183[Casey] You know, I just realized crossbow spoonerizes to boss crow.2017-07-26
184I'll take 9 mil. I could make a substantial game with 9 mil.2017-07-26
185Remember to like and subscribe. Thanks for the 12-month resub, Joe53!2017-07-26
186Be willing to do something seven times in order to get it right, and that'll make you a really good programmer.2017-07-27
187That's pretty good!2017-07-27
188We have come to the time where "later" is now.2017-07-27
189How does anything work?2017-07-27
190I'm really sorry for anyone who came along and wanted a coherent stream.2017-07-27
191Let's nojobs it.2017-07-27
192You have to make sure your thing is good, so you know it's worth people's time.2017-07-27
193How do you go to a place like this and not have awesome caves?2017-07-28
194"is this a gun that shoots bullets?" - Casey,
195Sometimes, cars don't always stay on their wheels, is all I'm saying.2017-07-30
196I'm gonna dead. I'm dead.2017-07-30
197This is the tax you pay for working in OpenGL.2017-08-03
198This is just a horrible paste-orama.2017-08-03
199As far as I'm concerned, it's a little bit of an unsolved problem in computing.2017-08-03
200Life is rough.2017-08-03
201I'm gonna tell whoever's working on Sokoban to fix that.2017-08-04
202Why do I have a preference for right-handed coordinates? Because they're better.2017-08-04
203NaN creeps me out.2017-08-05
204I just spilled tea on myself, which means it's time to end.2017-08-05
205So the problem with making teas: you think about something and then you forget it!2017-08-07
206That is good action, if I may say so. Take that, PowerPoint!2017-08-07
207We're writing so many programs, we don't even know which one has to run now.2017-08-07
208That is worth some chocolate. If I program well I get fat, so that's ok.2017-08-07
209If I can continually become a better programmer, then getting fat is a small price to pay.2017-08-07
210Gggnaaah! I don't care it's a TV show2017-08-08
211Is somebody doubting that I do things in a quality way? What kind of people are you?2017-08-08
212It's gamma'd wrong again.2017-08-08
213It's all working, I could swear I'm not joking.2017-08-08
214I don't know how much to care about that right now.2017-08-09
215I'm havin' a good time programming reasonably clean things, and I just don't wanna descend into that horrible place.2017-08-10
216OMG... It worked! Oh, the language is gettin' good.2017-08-11
217Thanks Microsoft, for this... program that I payed thousands of dollars for.2017-08-11
218It says "one return value received", which I disagree with.2017-08-11
219Oh god!... Alright guys, this is gonna be brutal.2017-08-11
220Every time somebody asks why I'm using SVN, I die a little bit inside. Because it should be obvious.2017-08-12
221Kinda like JavaScript except, unlike JavaScript, we're not pretending to be a real programming language, so that's ok.2017-08-12
222JavaScript is basically the worst thing that's happened to computers. Ever.2017-08-12
223That is too lousy. Even I will not do that!2017-08-12
224Whoops! I'm makin' all kind of typos.2017-08-12
225Microsoft has no respect for anything.2017-08-13
226Most people are not self-critical and reality-based.2017-08-13
227This is worth getting killed for right here.2017-08-14
228It's beyond redonkadonk. Which is even farther than Beyond Zork.2017-08-14
229Believe me: there's no end to compiler bugs.2017-08-15
230Oh god... Wow! You know, I'm tempted to just erase this all stream and pretend it never happened and start over tomorrow.2017-08-16
231Hey! Ok, we're back to the Land of Sanity.2017-08-16
232I don't see any questions in the chat. I guess that's because my amazing, error-free, daffed programming skills have been too quick for everybody so far, that's ok. *laughs*2017-08-16
233DOLLAR_SIGN... The things I do to get indentation.2017-08-16
234Someone call Sony, I'm making Knack 3. This is the best Knack!2017-08-16
235svn commit -m "Started implementing Knack 3 for the $$$$$$ franchise MEGABUX"2017-08-16
236Given the state of videogame journalism these days, I wouldn't be surprised if some announcement actually happens that I'm working on Knack 3. I don't wanna cause trouble. *laughs*2017-08-16
237People are talking about Netflix in the chat, so obviously what I'm doing is compelling. Nobody in the chat cares about programming, that's fine.2017-08-16
238Trying to program in OpenGL is like if you were a Microsoft first-year summer intern and they made you program in Visual F##+++ for Office Team System One and with a Visual Basic++ plugin and you had to program for UWP and everything was just awesome.2017-08-16
239Well, welcome to OpenGL.2017-08-18
240Rotate your phone bro! ;)2017-08-18
241Oh boy! There were earlier changes that I didn't check in. Well... They're checked in now!2017-08-18
242The amount of idea that I have is zero2017-08-26
243We're just gonna die, it's fine.2017-09-18
244I potato'd on him!2017-09-25
245Sometimes people just want to make decisions that are not the best life decisions and you have to respect that.2017-09-25
246I'm gonna write this down then I'll think about what to think about them2017-10-01
247Java is designed to be a boring programming language.2017-10-04
248I can almost guarantee that there's going to be more problems, but it's lunch time, so...2017-10-04
249I felt the micro-aggression involved in the statement2017-10-15
250Windows has NEVER found a solution to the problem.2017-10-29
251There's some basic bug.2017-10-29
252Who doesn't want to get off Emacs? It's terrible.2017-10-29
253Not a long enough length to do what I'm doing with it.2017-11-27
254Maybe if I run it a lot of times it'll work.2017-11-28
255I'm super confused. I haven't had my tea yet.2017-11-28
256Wait, I made the wrong kind of tea! It's a disaster.2017-11-28
257Okay, that's good. Its wrong the same, both times.2017-11-28
258I'm going insane. I'm as insane as a Linux person deploying a containerized application.2017-11-29
259I wasn't in the mood for a bug this hard today.2017-12-03
260AHHHH EGGS! I hate you, eggs.2017-12-06
261Ow! Stop it, routine chickens!2017-12-23
26278 people watching? Okay, I'll try to be less grouchy. It's easy to be grouchy when I'm playing videogames!2017-12-23
263It's Portal.2017-12-23
264I missed the wall2017-12-25
265Maybe you guys just don't like sausages enough?2017-12-25
266I'm smoking crack.2017-12-25
267I need to earn some blocks by watching ads.2017-12-25
268I have very finely honed coconut detection2017-12-25
269I guess I should get a lot better at dodging rocks.2017-12-26
270Why is this the game that I'm playing?2017-12-26
271Sometimes we break things.2018-01-06
272The reason atomics are templates in C++ is because C++ went insane.2018-01-06
273Parsers aren't hard.2018-01-06
274[Casey] Pube-g is happening.2018-01-06
275Yeah, the chat is not some beacon of intellectual amazingness.2018-01-06
276I don't consider myself indie. I consider myself a videogame art person.2018-01-07
277Aw, I blued myself again!2018-01-07
278I just had to set the bozo bit on a couple of people and stop replying to them.2018-01-10
279If you look on Wikipedia at the graph somebody made of all the Linux forks over time, you just look at that and say, "What a giant waste of effort."2018-01-10
280The fuck is this?? Get-- ughhhhhhhh, Team Explorer...2018-01-10
281'Does this guy ever interact with chat?' Thanks for the 12-month resub, ResonatorGames!2018-01-13
282We're not doing foofoo softie stuff.2018-01-13
283Engineering is about understanding what's going on.2018-01-13
284Metaprogramming is the future and it solves all our problems, because going meta is always better!2018-01-13
285There's a fine art of not getting sidetracked too far from what you're working on.2018-01-15
286Graphics programming is just a giant disaster. It's so terrible. I'm sorry.2018-01-15
287Hey look, I can't see anything! That's great!2018-01-15
288Okay, so... Let's do a hack.2018-01-15
289This is by far not the fastest way to do this, BUT WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?2018-01-15
290I can do this with a superhack.2018-01-15
291Somebody needs to throw Windows off a cliff.2018-01-15
292Somebody needs to throw Windows off of a really high cliff, into hot lava.2018-01-15
293I don't think I like Time Spy, honestly.2018-01-15
294It's like I'm using Linux here.2018-01-15
295'Searching for file contents could be slow?' You just advertised to me that you were the fastest-- ...Software is so hopeless.2018-01-15
296Security is our #374 problem.2018-01-16
297Sometimes, monkey debugging is the best debugging.2018-01-16
298You may ask yourself, "where did my shadowmap go?"2018-01-16
299Did I change something that fixed something, or is it just a bug?2018-01-16
300They keep changing Photoshop, and it doesn't... work.2018-01-18
301I'm trying to learn the controls and you cutscene'd my ass.2018-01-27
302Dude, Mickey Mouse is going to be public domain in two years2018-01-27
303Whoever animated that didn't know anything about... anything.2018-01-28
304I totally potatoed on that guy.2018-01-28
305I'm checking poopy butthole2018-01-28
306Bye, twitch dot tv slash viewers!2018-01-28
307If he shot through the wall, that's kind of offensive, honestly.2018-01-29
308Don't PUBG me here. Don't PUBG me here!!2018-01-29
309Shit, he's here! Banana Man!2018-01-29
310[Chris] Someone's trying to, uh... kill you, I guess.2018-01-29
311I want to get practice at winning.2018-01-31
312We have different definitions of the word "works".2018-01-31
313Polymorph matching just broke.2018-02-04
314Now K has a binding, mofo!2018-02-04
315That is a failure of the first order, and I don't mean Star Wars.2018-02-04
316One does not simply copy a syntax tree.2018-02-04
317You know, sometimes you just can't run rc.exe. And you need to do some gaming.2018-02-04
318He's behind the barrier with all the bullet holes in it.2018-02-04
319Wait, wanted gave us nothing but given gave us something!2018-02-04
320So type of some type dot best friend should be guy, and we should be matching that against dummy...2018-02-04
321I literally don't know how this is possible.2018-02-04
322What was I smoking last night? [...] I was smoking the right thing, apparently.2018-02-04
323This is what happens when I don't sleep enough before superstream Sunday.2018-02-04
324We have problems.2018-02-04
325The C++ standards committee is not reality-based.2018-02-04
326Why don't you tell me what capability? Because you don't give a shit, because you don't care that people can't use your API.2018-02-05
327Captain America is not supported in the current profile.2018-02-05
328Everybody is fired. F-I-R-E-D.2018-02-05
329This is a fully mental ... insaino ... crazy disaster.2018-02-05
330That's a very "Russian pencil on the spaceship" kind of solution.2018-02-05
331What are all of these windows? Let's get rid of these things...2018-02-05
332What did we learn? We learned that system is a disaster in windows and you shouldn't use it.2018-02-05
333I'm doing forensic science to figure out how to create a fucking process.2018-02-05
334Why am I wasting my life doing this?2018-02-05
335If I allowed myself to be angry I would be so angry right now.2018-02-05
336I should've done better.2018-02-05
337oh that's it, I see what I'm sayin'2018-02-06
338C ... Windows ... System32 ... Notepad! I should've guessed, it's not a program, it's notepad!2018-02-06
339When you screw up an API like this, Everybody pays for it for a long time FOREVER.2018-02-06
340It's a small difference but it's a big difference, see?2018-02-06
341You don't know exactly what a game is when you start it.2018-02-09
342Linkers are dogbutt slow.2018-02-09
343UltraSearch is so ultra, that it's beyond the need to case-sensitively search.2018-02-09
344What a garbage.2018-02-09
345We're getting rid of the A's~2018-02-09
346When you cross off an item on your todo list, you want it to feel good.2018-02-10
347I'm gonna write pens on my todo list... "Pens that feel better when you cross things out."2018-02-10
348You will respect my velocity!2018-02-11
349That didn't actually fix anything. But it was wrong!2018-02-11
350Who knows what the hell "decibels" means? I still don't know. I know what they mean but I still don't know what they mean.2018-02-12
351Q: "How much would I have to pay for you to program The Witness in Java?" A: Ahh... 9000 Decibels2018-02-12
352Let's just keep makin dudes, we know how to party here.2018-02-13
353I have this Notch here, so that's handy.2018-02-13
354wow i was really on drugs when i did this2018-02-16
355well isnt that amazing look at oh fuck2018-02-16
356This is a hack. I admit it.2018-02-16
357I tend not to watch stuff about me because it's weird.2018-04-01
358How are there 357 quotes? That's too many.2018-04-01
359I'm like 3 problems deep at this point. But you know what, it's okay. I'm learning.2018-04-01
360The Mozart candy made my brain start to work.2018-04-01
361I can't believe we're in 2018 and I'm still spilling tea on my shirt.2018-04-01
362I wish I could enhance Windows, really.2018-04-01
363THAT'S WHAT I'M TRYING TO DO!!!2018-04-14
364[Casey] We haven't even been given a goal, and we already have more items than a Costco.2018-04-14
365I want all backends to get this benefit.2018-05-11
366This is what happens when people other than me work on things.2018-05-11
367Premature optimization is the root of all blah blah blah.2018-05-11
368Go down the tube? I tried to go down the tube. I doesn't go anywhere!2018-05-19
369Lambda is the snooty functional programming name for procedure.2018-05-25
370Whoa, there's really not that many compiler errors left. We may soon be close to the time when we get to run it and watch it crash because I did something horribly wrong.2018-05-25
371Now we watch this die horribly.2018-05-25
372Decibels are a useless, dumb thing that I don't uderstand why anybody measures things that way. It's my number one pet peeve in life.2018-05-25
373It's inferred, bro.2018-05-26
374That would be a bug, but it would be one that I don't want to fix right now.2018-05-26
375I've been using Visual Studio since 1996. 22 years. It's pretty sad.2018-05-26
376It's like a freshman web designer intern making a mistake, and they just keep doing it.2018-05-26
377The reason I don't have much hair right now is OpenGL.2018-05-26
378You would be donating in decibels, obviously. In gamma-corrected decibels.2018-05-26
379Patches welcome!2018-05-26
380There's different kinds of programmers. There are programmers who don't really know how anything works, and who just can write glue code and high level things that ask for things to happen and then they hope they happen. And then there's programmers who know how things work and can make stuff from first principles. Those second kinds of programmers are a lot more powerful.2018-05-26
381What the hell were people doing in here?2018-05-26
382Well, it'll just be broken until next time.2018-05-26
383I'm going to take the drinks I bought out of the freezer before they turn into exploding ice blocks.2018-05-26
384it's a webpage! of course it doesn't work!2018-05-26
385Compiling in one second is pretty good, but you know we have standards here.2018-05-26
386I don't know what false means, but it means something.2018-05-26
387Those are yesterday's breakpoints!2018-05-26
388You don't get a car! And you don't get a car! And you don't get a car!2018-05-26
389I bet there's a woman in England somewhere named Constance Block [...] she's the patron saint of this program.2018-05-26
390Maybe we're seeing the constance block a little too much, and we want to keep the relationship at a distance.2018-05-26
391This is gnarly enough that I'm gonna put a thing here called @Gnarly2018-05-26
392We're down to 10300 lines in this file, one day it might be below ten thousand again.2018-05-26
393Thinking about continuation passing was fun back when I was a Scheme fanboy.2018-05-26
394*crash* Oh, there goes the eye tracker.2018-05-26
395Go go gadget thinger.2018-05-26
396Visual Studio hates programmers2018-05-26
397Yeah, don't read Hacker News about productivity. It's not a good source.2018-05-26
398One's got 2000 dependencies? Bro! Who's that?2018-05-26
399I tried to sign up for Twitch affiliate but the webpage kept rejecting me because of a bug.2018-05-28
400Mistakes were made. I'm not saying by whom, I'm just saying mistakes are made. Certain kinds of people say "You know, there isn't really anything objectively right." Maybe I like it if my compiler just crashes. That's just my lived experience.2018-05-28
401A lot of people would ask, "Why are you not using templates for this," and the answer is... bleehh.2018-05-28
402Have you ever heard of programming? It's this thing where sometimes you say while (1).2018-05-28
403Stack Overflow is saying "use std::hash". Yeah, bite me. I'm just gonna mod it by a prime number.2018-05-28
404People are like "Oh, just add this feature it'll be fine," but actually, features are complicated!2018-05-28
405I just turned the ramp meter up to 10, and I'll burn out the rant batteries if I start talking about the Web.2018-05-28
406I read Hacker News sometimes when I'm depressed and unmotivated and then I read a bunch of dumb things and regret going on Hacker News.2018-05-28
407Walk the walk or stop talking the talk.2018-05-28
408Windows 10 is getting worse and worse. It's a better time now to displace Windows than any other time in history.2018-05-28
409Someone in chat mentioned reinventing the wheel? Oh boy I have a whole rant on reinventing the wheel.2018-05-28
410We're gonna keep pushing it til it breaks, because I'm pretty sure I know how to break it.2018-05-29
411You didn't need to type bracket T typename fuckity fuck for every single one.2018-05-29
412Our gnusto doesn't work.2018-05-29
413Against my better judgement, I'm having tea with caffeine at 7 PM.2018-05-29
414How is them apples? Them apples, in my opinion, is better than the NHL finals.2018-05-29
415How complete is the langauge on a scale of 0 to 100%? -463 + 115i + 3.1j + 2e17k.2018-05-29
416What do you think wires are? They're tubes with electrons going through them. Your connection to the Internet is a series of tubes, that's just how it is.2018-05-29
417You have a certain limited band of frequencies, and if you put waves that exceed the Nyquist limit, then nobody's gonna be able to decode it. That's what bandwidth is: it's the fact that your connection is a TUBE.2018-05-29
418FizzBuzz is the brown M&Ms of programming.2018-05-29
419When I look at gamedev it kinda sucks.2018-05-29
420Given that it's 35 megabytes, it better have a linker in there somewhere.2018-05-30
421Nevermind! My entire rant was misplaced.2018-05-30
422I don't really drink beer...maybe sometimes I should, it might help me deal with this sort of thing2018-05-30
423We're only missing our entire program that we actually want.2018-05-30
424We're in full on computer disaster right now.2018-05-30
425This is making me mad. Who did this?2018-05-30
426This is what happens when you design your APIs to assume spaces are not a thing.2018-05-30
427To all of you saying "oh just stop complaining and read the documentation it's fine"... do you make good things?2018-05-30
428When did Google get so crappy?2018-05-30
429I'm getting flashbacks to college when I would spend entire 8 hour sessions late at night dealing with %PATH% problems.2018-05-30
430That appears to have worked... Ship it!2018-05-30
431Dude, I don't even want to decode this with my brain to figure out what you're doing.2018-05-30
432It's not as robust, but it makes me not hate myself.2018-05-30
433There's no reason that computers don't work that way by default, except that... people... do bad things.2018-05-30
434This is a super-garbage right now, by the way. This is a massive garbage.2018-05-30
435Oh my god, I'm gonna punch somebody who works at Microsoft. I'm gonna punch Bill Gates, AND Steve Ballmer, AND Satya... whatever that guy's name is. ...Satya Nadella.2018-05-30
436Ghchildstrinrd... Ghchildstrinwr...2018-05-30
437Summer intern doesn't even test their code.2018-05-30
438Let's not give in to the tired and lazy.2018-05-31
439This is counter to my entire personality.2018-05-31
440I've vacillated on this several times, and we're gonna make it 32-bit.2018-05-31
441That's how much I hate computers.2018-05-31
442If I don't do this right, programs crash.2018-05-31
443Why are people working on things?2018-05-31
444I'm sorry, if you're working in Unity, you're not doing the Dark Souls of programming. You're doing, like, the I Wanna Be The Guy of programming, but the Dark Souls of programming is something different.2018-05-31
445it's not in lua, our standards have fallen so low2018-05-31
446I have a $4000 computer, faster than any other computer in history, and we can't display text of all colors.2018-06-01
447I'm now calling this the Christmas Programming Language.2018-06-01
448Psychic debugging, folks.2018-06-01
449"Buy me coffee." That's... presumptuous.2018-06-01
450"Semicolon expected after a declaration" is the name of my new band.2018-06-02
451We're making the program so much better by putting semicolons in.2018-06-02
453The game's going to run so much faster with all these semicolons. It's going to be awesome!2018-06-02
454Yeah, that's just bad juju if we crash.2018-06-02
455Dammit, why do people do work?!?2018-06-02
456Game of Throwbacks.2018-06-02
457// Ignacio did not implement this so now he is going to be sorry.2018-06-02
458Any time you can get rid of 0.025% of the compiler, that is a good day.2018-06-02
459...and we will start programming, instead of this question and answer nonsense2018-06-02
460More cryptic is less cryptic sometimes.2018-06-02
461"Lexical Extent" is the name of my new band.2018-06-02
4621080P MY ASS2018-06-02
463GAAHH, Visual Studio just jumped on my butt.2018-06-03
464I do not accept Venezuelan chavismos.2018-06-03
465To get into the game industry you need to be good at C++... But, you'd be surprised.2018-06-03
466The Unicode people are crazy.2018-06-06
467I think a little bit of syntactic highlighting is useful, but the fruit salad that most editors put up is not useful.2018-06-06
468I don't want to break what isn't broken.2018-06-06
469Yeah, this is kinda stinky.2018-06-06
470String interpolation? We don't do that because... *sighhh*... Lots of reasons.2018-06-06
471I have no problem spending months of work on something then taking it out later... In my opinion that's part of how you make things good.2018-06-06
472When I try to undo nothing happens! Oh my god! It's just like all those games that don't have undo!2018-06-07
473It's like chewing glass for months.2018-06-07
474I don't know if the pickle armor is better than non-pickle2018-06-09
475I don't know why. I sorta know why.2018-06-19
476Why do diamonds roll so much? I don't know...2018-06-19
477Let's go find some diamonds!2018-06-21
478Look at all those diamonds we have!2018-06-21
479How high do I have to be in order to go around that damn obstacle?2018-06-21
480Am I completely out of water? Or just mostly out of water?2018-06-24
481Yeah, decibels are worse than the Web. Except that, the web is more pervasive, so yeah.2018-07-19
482A minimalist puzzle game. Nobody's gonna buy this.2018-07-19
483Yeah, minimalist is not a good excuse for "I didn't work very hard on this."2018-07-19
484this guy has zero viewers. No camera, no audio... But, y'know!2018-07-19
485Don't assume you should be motivated. If you're not motivated you should be finding something you can be motivated about.2018-07-25
486My food dude is 2 minutes away.2018-07-27
487The name of this engine is The Super Amazing Brilliant Better-Than-Unity/Godot Master Amazo Engine.2018-07-29
488You have to understand that there are a lot of programming subcultures, and they all call the same set of 5 ideas 17 different things.2018-07-29
489I used to program in INTERCAL, back before these weak-ass languages that they have today.2018-07-29
490"COMEFROM is your favourite programming joke ever," EXCEPT... C++ has come-from in it. Non-ironically. And people think it's useful and use it all the time.2018-07-29
491Blue rocks can be good news.2018-07-30
492Predictably, there is not enough salt on these cashews. Five years from now, when people understand that salt has nothing to do with high blood pressure and heart disease, everyone will be sad for all the bland food they ate for all those years.2018-07-31
493Ocean Map, take me by the hap, don't you understap...2018-07-31
494Windows Update Facilitation Service... Startup type: Disabled. Access is denied?? "I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you do that."2018-07-31
495If anyone in chat works for Microsoft, just quit. Stop watching, you're not allowed to watch the stream. Log off now. Just don't watch Twitch at all, go watch Mixer.2018-07-31
496The fact that they're so aggressive about it and they prevent you from stopping it, it is literally insane. The cost to the world of those machines rebooting all the time is higher than whatever supposed security you get from being so strict about it. It is literally pompous and insane and totally out of line. Bizzarely, insanely, megalomaniacally out of line. And they get away with it because people put up with it, so I don't know. I guess the world is just gonna end.2018-07-31
497There sure is a lot of anime porn stuff on Creative.2018-07-31
498Charlie took a lot of drugs.2018-08-04
499The bat is so unlocked.2018-08-04
500What happens when you take an action platformer and you subtract level design, and the levels are just... stuff? (Which is what Metroid is, by the way.)2018-08-04
501What is your objective argument that red is a nice color?2018-08-04
502I should read the instructions.2018-08-10
503I'm still not exapunking.2018-08-10
504Okay, I know how to really exapunk this. You guys wanna watch me exapunk this?2018-08-10
505Alright, that is not a correct exapunking.2018-08-10
506Somebody has a way exapunkier solution.2018-08-10
507This is game development, people. This is how the sausage gets made. I hope you understand how much effort is going into this.2018-08-10
508We've already won at game development.2018-08-10
509This is a millennial game where it doesn't want to show you how bad you are compared to the world.2018-08-11
510At times like this when the going gets tough... the going gets more solar panels.2018-08-13