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0 NASA is meaningless to me. 2016-03-12
1 Don't get me started. 2016-03-26
2 Somebody needs to define what "object orientation" is because it's a slippery pig. 2016-03-26
3 I'm gonna be releasing the DevLog tomorrow. 2016-03-26
4 I wanna say away from the YouTube culture... 2016-03-26
5 No, they can't hear you. 2016-03-26
6 This is the real Abner. 2016-04-03
7 I'm gonna be cursing and fuck- fuck- *** 2016-04-09
8 My current record to install Arch is five hours. 2016-04-09
9 Oh, that's so ghetto! Like, are you serious? 2016-04-09
10 Oh now you work. Little ass-hole. 2016-04-09
11 Don't be an elitist douchebag, Miblo. I love you, but if you keep being like that... *stream dies* 2016-04-09
12 We do it for the user; we do it for ourselves; and we do it together. 2016-04-09
13 To love it. To appreciate it. *sips Chocolate Wine* 2016-04-09
14 Here I am trying to be serious, and the stream is like, 'No, brah' 2016-04-09
15 Sorry, I'm thinking about mr4thdimention while I'm drinking for some reason. 2016-04-09
16 *HIC* 2016-04-09
17 We have 100 masochists, so that means we're ready to start programming. 2016-04-09
18 I guess we're having a marathon tonight. 2016-04-09
19 Forget everything I just said about you guys being awesome. 2016-04-09
20 First of all, I like pounding... People. 2016-04-09
21 What is programming but the act of defying nature? 2016-04-09
22 I wanna feel nostalgic for a little bit. 2016-04-09
23 Allen, help me! Mr4thDimention... 2016-04-09
24 So it's not a MISSING semicolon, it's an extra semicolon. 2016-04-09
25 I commit myself to Allen Webster. I commit myself to this beautiful man. 2016-04-09
26 You have to be strong; you have to be brave; you have to be handmade. 2016-04-10
27 Oh my god, I don't feel my body. 2016-04-10
28 I hope you guys' opinion of Handmade Network doesn't change because of the way I am. 2016-04-10
29 A compiler is a program that compiles. 2016-04-10
30 Urgh... 2016-04-10
31 When you mix fun and wine and quality in the same sentence, that's when you make a difference. 2016-04-10
32 Look at this *** *** 2016-04-12
33 Give it to me! 2016-04-12
34 Oh, I didn't save it. Whoops! 2016-04-12
35 You're always goto'ing. 2016-04-12
36 It can't be like it used to be ever again. I'm sorry. 2016-04-12
37 Where are those characters? 2016-04-12
38 But even if you can't hear what I say, I will talk for my sake. 2016-08-28
39 And why is this lady in my recommended feed? 2016-08-28
40 We will finish this text editor. 2016-08-28
41 I have a feeling this will be done in just a stream or two. 2016-08-28
42 If it gets too hairy I'll follow your advice. 2016-08-28
43 It's easier to make Miblo feel bad without getting in trouble... 2016-08-28
44 You too? You too, ChronalDragon? You little son of a... 2016-08-28
45 I am an Abner with feelings. 2016-08-28
46 I'm not gonna follow demetrispanos' advice to the T. 2016-08-28
47 I really want to understand StrangeZak's parts intimately... 2016-08-28
48 If I'm a troll, you guys are trolls times three. 2016-08-28
49 Yeah guys, thanks for all the memes. 2016-08-28
50 A dove is a kind of pigeon, I suppose so. 2016-11-15
51 Things just got way too sexy. 2016-11-15
52 At the start of the next stream, I will mess with the bird for a little bit. 2016-11-15
53 I have most languages banned. 2016-11-15
54 Oh man, I've missed pounding. 2016-11-15
55 You are correct, insofaras. 2016-11-15
56 Fierydrake, nice! The debugger programmer's gonna be there! 2016-11-15
57 I mean that from the bottom of my thingy… eh, heart. 2016-11-15
58 I guess the pee scene's gonna work. 2016-12-06
59 Oh my god, this Linux penguin is delicious. 2016-12-10
60 So you're just a C++ guy? 2016-12-10
61 Here's to the end of 2016! 2016-12-10
62 I'm pretty sure this is very unsafe to do on stream... 2017-05-13
63 I can't tell you what the problem is either. 2017-05-19
64 Oh boy. 2017-07-14
65 Not yet, not yet: now. 2017-07-14
66 I don't want to deal with people who like pink. 2018-11-29