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0Insofaras is probably correct.2016-03-21
1I am a responsible sysadmin.2016-03-21
2Insofaras, you're a beautiful person.2016-03-21
3I don't know what I just did. The mantra of a vim user...2016-03-21
4Eat a dick.2016-03-21
5Tokenizer, not cokenizer. I don't want a cokenizer, I might get arrested!2016-03-22
6Command_Func, make that a func, get func-y.2016-03-22
7U wot m8.2016-03-22
8Shut up thread demon, this is single threaded.2017-02-18
9This is basically preprocessor bullsh#t2017-11-25
10We're not going to think about gotos2017-11-25
11Why am I on the web? We have man pages!2017-11-25
12I guess I don't get any pie today.2017-11-25