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0I'll be, like, really embarrassed if it doesn't work on the stream.2017-06-23
1Let me fix it, then we should still see my poop.2017-06-23
2Tweak?! Nargh, I'm just gonna use your config verbatim!2017-06-23
3Let's go fullscreen, we're in serious development mode now.2017-06-23
4Goodbye, Google. And by Google, I mean The Internet.2017-07-29
5I'm assuming that it assumes that I assumed that it should have been in quotes.2017-07-29
6I have searched my soul and discovered that I do not want any more underscores.2017-07-29
7The longer I'm programming, the dumber I get2017-09-08
8Yep, I've gone full bananacakes now2017-09-08
9Why are we doing this?2017-09-17
10That's a lie. That's totally a lie2017-09-17
11If I was gonna go to jail, I'd like to be somewhere where they have internet2017-10-16