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0Did I rebuild? Of course I didn't rebuild. That would be far too sensible.2016-04-27
1I now have an insobot in my channel too.2016-04-27
2Now I've got a mug with an Owl of Shame on the front.2016-04-27
3I haven't even checked any of the stuff in! That's how confident I am.2016-07-29
4The missing semi-colons in my life...2016-07-29
5That is the sound of it compiling.2016-07-29
6I'm pretty sure this is it. Prepare to be astounded!2016-07-29
7That is some funky stuff.2016-07-29
8It's defaulting to the "I don't know what this is" formatting.2016-08-02
9Hey, Miblo, shouldn't you be watching Handmade Hero?!2016-08-05
10OHHH that does not look good, I think I know what I did wrong.2016-09-13
11Now if I press Enter, it crashes. Brilliant!2017-05-10
12That looks a bit gnarly.2017-05-21