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0Let's break everything.2017-03-30
1If I had had time to recognise that that was a face, I wouldn't have picked it up.2017-03-30
2Wait, what the fuck is this?2017-03-30
3Look at how cute this fucker is.2017-03-30
4Don't ++Kknewkles for that shit.2017-03-30
5Do you see this? Do you SEE this?!2017-03-30
6Will you fucking die already? You're not a Dark Souls boss.2017-03-30
7I'm not turning it off until you explain yourself.2017-03-30
8We don't have democracy. This is benevolent dictatorship, okay?2017-04-01
9Ciprian, just kick back and relax. I will do all the hard shit here.2017-04-01
10I'm more inclined to call them asinine.2017-06-04
11I am a professional streamer, and that's how we're going to roll.2017-07-23
12Where are my fucking ferrets!2017-09-23
13Harassing workers is important, that's my insight for today2017-09-23