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0Can I just print The Matrix?2017-01-09
1Something about Kate Bush.2017-01-11
2Mio would be sexually...2017-01-11
3I don't mind Kate being anything, but not in my search bar.2017-01-12
4I don't want to delete Kate.2017-01-12
5Why is it Thursday?2017-02-02
6I'm on a bit of a fried egg binge.2017-02-07
7Unless this is just bullsh- bogus data.2017-02-07
9It's kind of tough to put my finger on, but I guess the words "predictable" or "generic" spring to mind. Like, they seem to have three modes: heavy, ballady, showy. But ultimately they just don't groove to the rhythm of my heart!2017-02-23
10Sorry, what am I actually doing here?2017-03-01
11O rly?2017-03-07
12How am I doing all of this stuff?2017-03-14
14We need you, Allen.2017-03-18
15What's going on, mate?2017-03-23
16I'm gonna straight up fuckin' run it.2017-03-25
17I need to just set the thing to be the thing.2017-03-30
18It doesn't crash... That's a bit worrying.2017-03-30
19Alright cool, I feel like this will never crash again.2017-04-21
20He was an eager beaver on that one.2017-06-14
21Hmm, well, can I just put this live?2017-08-05
23if we add a quote for me now, will my program be able to pick it up?2017-08-10
24Well that was pretty awesome!2017-08-10
25I have to admit, I did not expect that to work in the slightest... not only did it build, it WORKED!2017-08-29