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1 Are you okay with that, Mr. Compiler? 2015-01-19
2 Some days you just have to fire yourself... 2015-01-19
3 If you believe time is money, you just held up a bunch of Benjamins, if you will, as they say in the states, as the kids today say, and then you light them on fire. 2015-01-20
4 ...we're not gonna be grinding against walls a lot, it's not a walking simulator type of game... 2015-01-20
5 I have no faith in Microsoft's engineering, and I think that everything that they ship will be garbage... 2015-01-21
6 If it's equal to zero, it's bad news bears! 2015-01-21
7 Mura Mura, Muratori! 2015-01-22
8 4,000,000,000 - 0 = 1. 2015-01-22
9 Where'd my dude go? 2015-01-22
10 I am not an AI. 2015-01-22
11 It's a Wacom tablet! 2015-01-23
12 We will be doing no cheese, it is a cheese-free zone. 2015-01-24
13 Just let the bad programmers be bad programmers and my stuff will always be better. 2015-01-26
14 I'm sensing a FUN THING! 2015-01-26
15 If you could, prefix your colons... 2015-01-27
16 I don't care who wins the Super Bowl. I don't follow hockey. 2015-01-27
17 I was like, 'I know there should be no way this should possibly work; Let's be honest with ourselves, it should be totally impossible,' and it was. 2015-01-28
18 Pfft, that's a hardware problem, programmers don't screw in lightbulbs! 2015-01-28
19 Just go watch a foreign movie without subtitles, you'll get the same experience as playing a Metal Gear Movie--err, I mean game. 2015-01-28
20 And we immediately get a crash. And of course, that's a good thing... 2015-01-28
21 Goodbye! 2015-02-02
22 It's better than eating a poop-sauce sundae everyday, which is how I feel when I come home and use the internet. 2015-02-12
23 We haven't even mentioned whales, which are huge! Literally and figuratively. 2015-02-12
24 Time to round things up. 2015-02-18
25 It has a certain AAAness to it. 2015-02-18
26 Just like mommy used to code. 2015-02-24
27 Just do the code and let it go... 2015-02-24
28 Something I do all the time, you just comment something out and see where all your compiler errors are. 2015-02-24
29 We're kinda gonna have to put on our frinstance caps and have a bunch of frinstances... You know what I'm talking about, right? 2015-02-24
30 That zipfile has little tiny baby zipfiles all in it! 2015-02-25
31 It's prestream, I can be a dick directly. 2015-02-26
32 You learn something about your codebase every day... that you should have known, because you wrote it. 2015-02-26
33 This means nothing, what have I written here? 2015-02-26
34 This is why you don't listen to Casey. 2015-02-26
35 I'm the programmer and I get to do whatever I want. 2015-02-26
36 Always Seamless. 2015-02-27
37 Javascript is not a real platform. 2015-02-27
38 Don't ask me why I'm doing this renaming. Yeah, it's probably not that necessary, but I'm doing it anyway. 2015-03-11
39 How am I supposed to program with no tea? 2015-03-11
40 If you wanna do it right in Silicon Valley, you have to have at least seven gourmet kitchens per programmer. 2015-03-11
41 Spaceflight is like changing the planet's diaper. I recognize that it's good but I don't wanna be the one to have to do it. 2015-03-12
42 Let's tuft it up. We've got the tufts, might as well use the tufts. 2015-03-19
43 Aaaah! Duh. 2015-03-20
44 Windows is the allergy of Computing. You can live with it, but it will make you miserable every day. 2015-03-20
45 I don't have enough Emacs-fu to bust that out. 2015-03-31
46 There's linear algebra afoot here. 2015-03-31
47 Do we have pie? I'm not sure if we have pie. 2015-04-01
48 I am here for your amusement. 2015-04-01
49 That weird pulsating thing was pretty freaky, I hope you've enjoyed it. I know I have. 2015-04-01
50 People kept egging me on to do some weird sine-cosine-theta stuff. 2015-04-02
51 It's like a super sour yogurt in liquid form. It's just not good. 2015-04-03
52 Wow, that took almost no time at all. 2015-04-03
53 Java is just a really slow version of C++. 2015-04-06
54 Don't get your hopes up. 2015-04-07
55 Don't talk to animals with more color wavelength sensors than you. 2015-04-08
56 Many directions is much more difficult and they don't sell nearly as many albums. 2015-04-08
57 Lighting strikes a chord with people. 2015-04-09
58 Java might be the best platform to ship your game on. 2015-04-11
59 Man! Yesterday's code was *awful*. 2015-04-11
60 Math is right even when you're wrong. 2015-04-14
61 It was really just me being kind of blunt. 2015-04-15
62 Let's go ahead and learn something, we hope. 2015-04-15
63 You could take the pool with you when you leave, and they wouldn't care. 2015-04-15
64 Think scat fudge, not tourist fudge. 2015-04-15
65 That is the end of the math hole for today. 2015-04-16
66 Sometimes you have to go down a math hole... we're just entirely in the math hole... 2015-04-17
67 JZ is a rapper, I believe, but this is not his term. 2015-04-17
68 The green dude is tough. 2015-04-18
69 I'm not throwing stones outside the glass house here, I'm inside the glass house. 2015-04-18
70 I wish I had more cheese. I ate all the cheese, and now it's gone. 2015-04-20
71 Z is kind of up in the air. 2015-04-20
72 This is the homogeneous matrix that you often hear about. 2015-04-20
73 I can show you why the stupid way is a problem. 2015-04-22
74 I don't use classes. 2015-04-23
75 Oh my God. What have I done? 2015-04-23
76 That's a bug, like somebody's gotta fix that... 2015-04-23
77 When we do that read... right... 2015-04-27
78 Those of you who have 3D aspirations will know what I mean. 2015-04-27
79 I love when they get tiny. They end up moving so quickly. 2015-04-27
80 *scratching back* No rush on the loading there, GIMP. Take your time. 2015-04-27
81 Too many rects. Too many rects. Too many rects. Toooo many reeeeects. 2015-04-29
82 We want to start making the game very slow so that we kind of feel good about ourselves when we go to optimize it. 2015-04-30
83 So that is optimization. 2015-05-04
84 Let me make sure I do that math properly. 2015-05-05
85 Aww yeah, nice job emacs. 2015-05-05
86 Sorry I'm not talking more, but... 2015-05-08
87 The important thing is that you build a mental model of the fact that there is a CPU down there. 2015-05-08
88 Power before wine, and you'll be fine. Wine before power, you'll vomit in the shower. 2015-05-12
89 They are double super extra done. 2015-05-13
90 All we need to do is a mask foof of these guys here... 2015-05-13
91 It's crazy, but it's right - which is wild. 2015-05-14
92 Oh dear. What have I done?! 2015-05-17
93 You're supposed to be done developing your program. 2015-05-17
94 Everyone loves the inverted infinity rectangle! 2015-05-17
95 Oh hello. Hello, Mr Task Manager. 2015-05-26
96 You pretty much have to be slyfox and slyfox it around. 2015-05-26
97 Lets say we have a beef daddy machine... 2015-05-27
98 If machines can learn, they should learn to stop running such shitty software. 2015-05-27
99 It is just simply not acceptable to have other people touching our pixels. THOSE ARE OUR PIXELS! 2015-05-28
100 I hate const with a passion. 2015-05-28
101 Or we could just crash immediately. That would be cool. I always like when that happens. 2015-05-28
102 We're intimately connected with that speed. 2015-05-29
103 Flog them hamsters. Flog 'em! 2015-05-29
104 I don't know how we could do that. There's no way we could load a text file that fast. You'd need some kind of future technology. 2015-05-29
105 If it does, Vulkan. If it doesn't, Vulkan't. 2015-05-31
106 It's basically some kind of manure mouthwash... 2015-06-02
107 Rule #1 of Programming. C++ is utter garbage and so is std::* 2015-06-03
108 This will all be very game-codey. 2015-06-03
109 Oh my God, dude. That WAS the debug build! 2015-05-30
110 It's not the maggots fault they do what maggots do. 2015-06-04
111 I am not Mr Pixel Centers. 2015-06-04
112 We added 0.5 in one place, and subtracted 2 in another, and the seams are gone!!! 2015-06-04
113 We background-load now... and happy birthday. 2015-06-09
114 The entire game will be constructed out of hair. 2015-06-10
115 I think creepy uncle Casey is gonna go get some ramen now. 2015-06-10
116 I am going to go out on a limb here - pun intended! - and say that we have a problem somewhere, because I - don't know about you - but I'm not seeing a lot of trees there. 2015-06-11
117 Does anyone know what I was thinking about when I did that? 2015-06-11
118 Q: What are you going to do when Handmade Hero is finished? A: Take a vacation. 2015-06-15
119 I have an itch... on my back. Can we just say that? Am I allowed to say that on stream? 2015-06-15
120 I don't know what that is, but I wish it would stop. 2015-06-17
121 The world is filled with molecules... 2015-06-18
122 It's time to get things started on the Muppet Show tonight . 2015-06-22
123 "I fully expect you all to have left your engines and libraries at home, because if I see anyone out there on handmade hero using an engine or a library.... there will be significant consequences, people!" 2015-06-22
124 If I see anyone on Handmade Hero bringing in an engine or library, there will be significant consequences. 2015-06-22
125 We're going to be diligent so-and-sos... 2015-06-22
126 You know what I'm saying? You feel me, dawg? 2015-06-23
128 That is kind of terrifying. 2015-06-24
129 You have to admire someone who lives life through the lens of one little tiny pair of testicles. 2015-06-24
130 I probably said that, didn't I? 2015-06-24
131 This is turning into a Casey learns how to do things stream. 2015-06-26
132 Programming was a mistake. It's nothing but trash. 2015-06-26
133 I'm literally melting...well I guess I'm not *literally* melting, but it feels like my skin is melting in a real and literal sense. 2015-06-26
134 ... if you're doing Object Oriented Programming which we won't really cover so you'll never find out what that is! 2014-11-17
135 You can kinda hear that we messed up some stuff. 2015-06-29
136 PROgramming not FAUXgramming! That's the motto here on Handmade Hero. 2015-07-14
137 I hate The Web. 2015-07-15
138 I can do this in a super janky way, which I'll do first. 2015-07-16
139 I'm not a very good bro. I don't even like football. 2015-07-20
140 Hacks are hard. 2015-07-24
141 Oops, third swear. 2015-07-24
142 And then I can't put things into the hole anymore. 2015-07-27
143 A doubly-linked list is really just a list. 2015-07-28
144 So what happened there, exactly? Show me what happened, Mr Code. Show me on the code... where... where it NULLed you. 2015-07-29
145 You could spend months, if this was your jam. 2015-07-30
146 So I will wrap things up. Do a little wrappy-poo. 2015-07-30
147 I've no idea how Snuffleaupagus gets the file - he just gets it; he pulls it out of his snout - I don't care. 2015-08-03
148 Hey Sean, here's the contents of that file. 2015-08-04
149 It's kind of hard to stop me, you have to admit. 2015-08-05
150 I am going to reload the entire font file and make Sean parse it every darn time. I know that's rude. 2015-08-05
151 Good job, Handmade Hero. Nice work on that one. 2015-08-05
152 Thank you compiler, that was a good catch. 2015-08-05
153 What could possibly go wrong?? Well...I guess...a lot of things... 2015-08-05
154 Let's try that again. 2015-08-05
155 This machine is very old and probably has some things on it which should be removed. 2015-08-05
156 We got the heads, let's try to change the heads to be fonts! 2015-08-05
157 99% of your success in using a library is using a library that Sean made. 2015-08-05
158 I will see you guys on the internet. 2015-08-05
159 I don't feel like implementing that. Otherwise, it seems fine. 2015-08-05
160 This is really a zygote of a thing, it is not really fully happening. 2015-08-05
161 We're going to want to allocate some memory, do the little dance of fun. 2015-08-05
162 We're not catastrophically bad, we're just not good. 2015-08-05
163 Doopity doo. 2015-08-05
164 ... so there's no more mysteries, no more 'I-don't-really-know-what-it-does-down-there' kinda stuff. We're goin' in, cleaning out all the cobwebs, going into 'the basement', if you will; finding out what your creepy grandfather put down there, or what weird pickling experiment someone did. And you don't necessarily want to eat it. So, you know, sometimes it's gross; it's true. 2015-01-06
165 If you're just going to go the meathead protein-powder route with it, then that's fine. 2015-08-11
166 If you want to learn more about gamma, I encourage you to do some light reading. 2015-04-07
167 Star Trek: The Next Generation ID. 2015-08-12
168 Lunix, the operating system for Europeans. 2015-08-12
169 All of our pixels are hand-selected by us, for the finest quality. 2015-04-16
170 It's like that time when the universe collapsed into a single point and then exploded into being...that's what you're witnessing here on handmade hero. 2015-04-17
171 This bitmap is a lie, this bitmap is a total lie! 2015-08-12
172 Math is hard, let's go shopping. 2015-04-20
173 We're still in janktastic mode, which is annoying. 2015-08-14
174 It was a heavy brain day at the office. Whatever that means. 2015-08-14
175 We didn't need those electrons, no one was using them. 2015-08-14
176 Game ideas are largely irrelevant. 2015-08-17
177 Be a Jedi, build your own lightsaber. Don't go taking this targeting computer approach to stuff! 2015-08-17
178 Every time I say stuff's gonna break, it doesn't break! Every time! 2015-08-17
179 The game will be so huge, that no computer can possibly hold it. 2015-08-17
180 Are there larger numbers than 4096? Do we have evidence in the natural world of things that can exist in quantities _larger_ than 4096? 2015-08-18
181 Let's pretend that didn't happen. Pretend that we didn't just fill the screen with dudes. 2015-01-28
182 I take it back, I think I wasn't stupid! 2015-08-19
183 As you get 1 day older, you get 1 day stupider. 2015-08-19
184 Are the ABCs a W thing as well? 2015-08-19
185 Ugh, who...? Just what... is? What...? Nobody wants to see that. That's not a thing. Urgh, God! Urrrgh... 2015-08-19
186 Windows fonts make a fontographer cry. 2015-08-19
187 A little variable shadowing to start the day. 2015-08-20
188 Is that roughly the size of the D? 2015-08-20
189 When you start the day off with an owl of shame, you don't deserve things to go your way. 2015-05-29
190 Where is our little baby? 2015-08-21
191 If anyone has any objections you can voice them in the chat, and I hereby overrule them. 2015-08-21
192 Who's gonna stop me? No one's gonna stop me. You can't really stop me! 2015-08-21
193 Knock knock! - Who's there? - Fonts are done. - Fonts are done who? - There's no "fonts are done who?", the fonts are just done. Right. Stop knocking on my door. I don't know why... although, in that case I would've been the person knocking. Doesn't matter, it's not relevant. 2015-08-21
194 Everyone loves it when you free things. 2015-08-21
195 I had like, a brain spasm and then a reverse brain spasm. 2015-05-31
196 Which of these three poopsauces do you want to put on your ice cream? 2015-08-25
197 Happy birthday Windows, have a little party there. 2015-08-25
198 Where did I put that? It got deleted? 2015-08-25
199 Ohhh duh! Hi, it's genius day at Handmade Hero. 2015-08-25
200 My mommy says I'm very good at programming. 2015-08-25
201 You guys made me do this, you egged me on, and now you're making me egg further. 2015-08-25
202 I just kind of ruined The Variable. 2015-08-31
203 If you are the kind of person who is passionate about C++ because your mother didn't love you as a child, or whatever the other reasons are that people cling onto it, you can spend a bunch of time learning all those things. 2015-08-31
204 I don't know the gender of Visual Studio. Probably an "it", would be my guess. 2015-09-01
205 I'm having a thought right now, a thought that I have not had before... 2015-09-01
206 Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 2015-09-01
207 The C++ preprocessor is, like, the worst thing ever. 2015-09-01
208 Sane people are in short supply. 2015-09-01
209 The right way to handle errors is to not have them. 2015-09-01
211 What have I ruined, what kind of a life have I ruined for us? 2015-09-02
212 The keybindings of Isaac. 2015-09-03
213 I would like to dedicate this episode of Handmade Hero to how much Microsoft is an awful company and I hate them. 2015-09-03
214 Maybe they'll never ship another version that renders fonts properly again. Maybe they'll just start eliminating letters one at a time from the English language until they get down to letters they can actually handle. 2015-09-03
215 Unsolved problem in computer science: rendering an underscore. 2015-09-03
216 My trees should be here, I don't quite understand why they have disappeared from the face of Handmade Hero. 2015-06-12
217 I don't how it's gonna JIT. 2015-09-08
218 Aren't we the spoiled little child whose mommy is doting on him? 2015-09-08
220 It's kinda nice to get stuff for free, who doesn't want stuff for free? 2015-09-08
221 Apparently that really is happening for reals. We just have a lot of debug events in there. 2015-09-08
222 Somebody was talking about some jquery, no wait. Some stupid thing, oh, ReactJS. 2015-09-09
223 It prevents you from getting into the situation where you're opening up the trunk of the car and all dismembered bodies are in there. 2015-09-09
224 It found that Metroid upgrade. 2015-09-09
225 Nowadays anyone can program, it's trivial, you can just load up some PHP script and start 'programming' 2015-09-09
226 I don't even think it will exist in 15 years. I don't think there will be such a thing as a hardware renderer. 2015-09-10
227 Windows! Why are you the dumbest ever? Why!? 2015-09-11
228 We have all the code, you can assign whatever level to it you want. 2015-09-11
229 Sometimes programming just doesn't make sense. 2015-09-11
230 I liked how that completed to nothings. 2015-09-11
231 That was an a-list job by everyone. 2015-09-14
232 Tired Casey. 2015-09-14
233 I overate yesterday. There was a lot of food consumed. Just not really the right amount of food for a single Casey to be eating. 2015-09-14
234 I'm still ironing out CSS issues. 2015-09-14
235 You could imagine this... You could imagine it with the POWER of imagination! 2015-02-09
236 That doesn't necessarily mean it's the hardest bug, but it's the one that's caused me the most perplexing... 2015-09-15
237 I don't want to leave it in a state that's actually working. I want to put it back into a state where it is broken. 2015-09-15
238 I'm sorry Dave, I can't... I can't save the file. 2015-09-17
239 We really need a reverse Owl of Shame. Maybe like if the Owl of Shame is backwards, or something? That's like an Owl of Success. 2015-09-16
241 Templates were designed by people who are still looking around in their own colons to see if they can find anything there. 2015-09-17
242 *sobs* I just don't understand why the code doesn't work sometimes! *sniff* Why does it have to be so mean? 2015-09-17
243 Let's see if we can write something that's not total garbage. 2015-09-17
244 Oh dear. Don't touch the way-com tablet! Oh my god, what happened? 2015-09-17
245 I feel like that deserves a little owl of shame. 2015-09-18
246 What-ever, like, programming, sometimes, I don't even know. 2015-09-18
247 I mean if you can't handle three measly crabs, you're just gonna be dead weight. 2015-09-19
248 I don't read anything about C++ any more, I just assume it's a disaster zone. 2015-09-21
249 I got through all the questions. I got through ALL the questions. I got through them. 2015-09-21
250 Since we don't really have anything better to do with our lives or ourselves, we will just do something like this. 2015-09-22
251 I might try something, like, epically ridiculous. Like, something so ridiculous that it just has no right working. 2015-09-22
252 I would have to say that I sound like a d#ck as well. 2015-09-23
253 We don't care how big it is as long as it fits. Just fit it in. 2015-09-23
254 You are totes right man, you are totes right about that. 2015-09-23
255 I'm sorry I used slang there. That's not good. Kids, you should talk in regular English. 2015-09-23
256 It's kind of a little banana-cakes, but sometimes you gotta be banana-cakes on Handmade Hero, I would say. 2015-09-23
257 I'll just go back to what we were doing before. I'll go back to the head fountain. 2015-09-24
258 So that we can have our speed cake and eat our functionality too. 2015-09-28
259 We'll call that DEBUGCreate, err... CreateVariableHierarchy or something like this. DEBUGCreateVariables... DEBUGCreate something name is hard, brain doesn't know what name is, English so difficult, half a million words... 2015-09-28
260 A Variable can be anything that it wants to be. 2015-09-29
261 That's a mistake. That is a missed-take. 2015-09-29
262 There must be a bug because it's not working. If it was working, we might be able to make the argument that there wasn't a bug. 2015-09-29
263 I was premature to call it premature. 2015-09-30
264 It'd be interesting to talk to Donald Trump about programming. I'm sure even though he knows nothing about it he'd have an opinion on it. 2015-10-01
265 Oh games, they're so wacky and weird! 2015-10-01
266 Meh nnn hh meh. 2015-10-01
267 It has not been a good Internet day, not that it ever really is. 2015-10-05
268 Patience is definitely a virtue in programming. 2015-10-08
269 The Variable would be displeased. 2015-10-08
271 And that's the end of that. 2015-10-08
272 I think that's the first time on Handmade Hero I can remember getting bitten by a feature. 2015-10-13
273 I guess the Wacom tablet decided to take its own life. 2015-10-15
274 I don't know why brown butter, because it's tastier than regular... I actually like regular butter, so let's just say regular butter for now. 2015-10-16
275 Brain. 2015-10-16
276 (re: the US constitution) They need to organize this thing better. 2015-10-19
277 There's nothing worse than a whiny C compiler. 2015-10-20
278 We just have an infinity of these, where infinity is actually some very small number like 10. It's not a particularly big infinity but, you know, not every infinity has to be huge. 2015-10-20
279 Nobody wants a maladjusted chair. 2015-10-21
280 Everyone is happy and smiling and everyone is dancing around and doing things, ridiculous things, unmentionable things. 2015-10-21
281 It's just not gonna happen. It's just not gonna happen. Okay? It's not gonna happen. Never gonna happen. It didn't happen. Not gonna happen. 2015-10-22
282 The jedi's got to build their own lightsaber! 2015-10-23
283 Sometimes you're dumb, and you just gotta live with that, that's just your little situation you gotta deal with. 2015-10-23
284 Everyone's happy and fine and dancing around like jubilant children, but not bratty children, actually, children who are nice, reasonable people. 2015-10-24
285 Pig hat. It's pig hat time. Let's pig it out. Let's just get piggy. 2015-10-24
286 In sync, like the band. Like the Backstreet Boys, but different. 2015-10-26
287 I've got 10 minutes left on the clock, so I'm gonna use them. I'm gonna use them to nefarious ends, is what I'm gonna do. I am gonna go ahead and straight up do weird stuff with that. 2015-10-26
288 The first time someone told me about C++, it was pretty funny because I thought they were describing something sensible. 2015-10-26
289 Let's go ahead and make DEBUGInitializeValue work in some way that makes some sense to somebody sometime somewhere. 2015-10-28
290 There probably is a better way to do this and... we... should... do... that... better way... now. 2015-10-28
291 Everyone loves GetGroupForName. Don't you? I do, I think. I'm not sure. 2015-10-28
292 If we were going to be super fancy about it, if we were going to, like, double up on the fanciness, now with extra fanciness... 2015-10-28
293 Everything in our debug system is going to actually use copy out into some kind of a more, sort of, generic way, permanent record sort of free list, happy funplex thing. 2015-10-29
294 Fine... Mr Poopy Pants, stupid poopy sauce, poopy pants. 2015-10-29
295 You'll have to excuse me if I yawn during this frame. 2015-11-17
296 *yawning* I told you, I told you I was gonna yawn. 2015-11-17
297 You can't cheat. I tried to cheat, and you see what happens to cheaters, right? They get punished. 2015-05-17
298 That's not actually true. In the real world most of the time cheaters do just fine. It's what we call the financial services industry. 2015-05-17
299 So you can be, like, GetEventFromLink or something. And I don't mean Link like the character in Legend of Zelda. 2015-11-18
300 So riddle me this, Batman... 2015-11-18
301 ... and now we're going to grind you up into sausage to feed to hungry people. 2015-11-18
302 It's sort of like the All You Can Eat lunch buffet of debug information. And like any lunch buffet you end up in a situation where sometimes the sneeze shield doesn't go down all the way and some of those little troughs get contaminated and everyone in the restaurant gets sick... 2015-11-19
303 We don't know which kind of a lunch buffet our debug system will be yet... 2015-11-19
304 If you don't like what you have for lunch, the best thing to do is to just eat it as quickly as you can - there will always be a better lunch tomorrow. 2015-11-19
305 One of the things that you need to do as a programmer is that, when you're serving lunch, if you wanna do something where you shift the place settings, you've gotta go through and tell all the people who are coming to the lunch party that they need to move over from their normal positions. 2015-11-19
306 I never remember exactly how the macro processors works, other than the fact that I always remember that it's a giant steaming pile of lunch. 2015-11-19
307 It's kinda like one of those things when you're at the lunch table and you're eating your lunch and your brain just kinda drifts off to thinking about memory allocation. 2015-11-19
308 It's not really a dinner or breakfast thing, it's more of a lunch thing. 2015-11-19
309 First Rule of Programming: You don't eat lunch if you're already full. 2015-11-19
310 That's like getting lunch delivered... 2015-11-19
311 If you're the kinda people who do tea at lunch, it's customary for everyone to go around the table and take a lemon slice and go, "easy peasy lemon squeezy," and then you squeeze it into the tea. Obviously you don't do that if you drink tea with milk because it'll curdle. 2015-11-19
312 Everyone should eat lunch where they want, and everyone should have the lunch that they want. Don't let other people tell you how to eat your lunch, because that's lunch despotism and it's not okay. 2015-11-19
313 I made a faux pas there. It was a pas that was made of faux. 2015-11-19
314 It's kind of like the programming equivalent of when you go to lunch and you sit at the wrong seat and everyone's embarrassed and it's a horrible thing and everyone goes screaming from the restaurant. 2015-11-19
315 Don't let your whole life be defined by the one bad lunch you ate. 2015-11-19
316 You don't want to eat more lunch than you can reasonably digest, right? A lot of times people go into something and their eyes are too big for their stomach, and they'll just way over-eat the lunch. So what I'm trying to do here is just keep lunch to a reasonable amount of food, so that we don't get too fat, but we do get enough food to keep ourselves going good. 2015-11-19
317 There's always lunch tomorrow. Tomorrow's lunch will be just as tasty as today's lunch and we can eat some of those other foods that we didn't eat today at that time. 2015-11-19
318 Don't forget to eat lunch. Most important meal of the day. 2015-11-19
319 that we will be all good to go tomorrow, and everyone will be on the same "sound page", on the same wavelength, if you will. 2015-06-18
320 We have light, a photon, and mr. photon goes straight. He wiggles, he oscillates, but he just goes straight. 2015-06-18
321 This is not the computing future I wanted. 2015-11-21
322 You should fertilize that directory with human tears, and then you should see what grows from it. It will probably be black roses that crumble and blow away with the wind. 2015-11-20
323 The whole point of the existence of this system is because humans are so fallible and always do everything wrong. 2015-11-20
324 Sometimes even in the depths of despair, some little tiny thing goes your way, and the important thing to remember is not to let that go to your head. 2015-11-20
325 I want to break down in tears. I want to just give up and let the horrors of the world continue unabated. Instead what I'm gonna do is set a breakpoint on MarkDebugValue. 2015-11-20
326 We just have to have faith that The Variable is looking down on us from The Great Memory, and that if we all just work hard and try to be good people that eventually The Variable will let us into The Great Memory and we'll live in peace and happiness with all of our other discretized values. 2015-11-20
327 Here's some scumm I've been evolving. 2015-12-05
328 I was kind of expecting that to be what we did today, but that's already on the stream so I can't really make that be what we did today... 2015-12-08
329 Hey, look! It did what I expected! 2015-12-08
330 This is not supposed to be fun. 2015-12-08
331 There's no such thing as a solution to programming problems. There's only metrics. 2015-12-08
332 Missing snowflakes, you know how it is... so on and so forth... 2015-12-09
333 I feel like there were supposed to be more children in it, and I have no idea where they went. They're just gone, apparently. Sorry, kids! 2015-12-09
334 I try to always keep track of all the children as much as possible. Unless they're just being annoying, in which case you may decide to misplace them on purpose... 2015-12-09
335 This is the money shot right here, people. This is where it all starts to happen. 2015-12-09
336 That is video games. Ladies and gentlemen, video games. 2015-12-09
337 It always gets great when Kramps comes into the picture, in my opinion. I feel like that's when things start to go well for any video game, as soon as Krampus is in it. 2015-12-09
338 There's a Handmade Hero every weekday. You can always ask questions tomorrow. 2015-12-09
339 He spends a lot of time on Steam, so he has a lot of hats. 2015-12-10
340 Is there a n{un,one}? 2015-12-11
341 Wow, that was some pretty great programming there, Casey. Nice job (you're fired)! 2015-12-14
342 I'm going to pretend this laptop never existed and grab the other one. 2016-01-04
343 For the love of god, Mischief. 2016-01-04
344 //TODO(casey): Move this out to its own thang. 2016-01-05
345 It's almost always not understood properly, and that includes by me. 2016-01-06
346 I feel like a neck-bird could live in a neck-beard. 2016-01-07
349 I'm still being oppressed by The Cable Man. 2016-01-11
350 I may have typed some bugs in there. 2016-01-11
351 We have no such pink screen to speak of. 2016-01-12
353 A warp is 16 or 32 guys who are in it together. 2016-01-13
354 Please don't listen to what I have to say, because it's all a lie. 2016-01-15
355 If you've been paying attention to our maths, and you know maths - the plural, of course, coming from the Britain... 2016-01-18
356 Oh well, life is hard. But a small price to pay to access all the power of the GPU so, you know, who cares? 2016-01-18
357 We're going to leave it as a little bit of a zygote for the moment. 2016-01-19
358 Okay... someone want to tell me how THAT just happened? 2016-01-19
359 It's almost like the hardware is set up to do this! Parentheses: it is. 2016-01-19
360 DirectX doesn't run anywhere, Windows is the only place you can use it, or maybe if you're an Xbox developer, if those even exist anymore. 2016-01-19
361 I didn't fall asleep yet, so that's good. 2016-01-21
362 These ground chunks have been nothing but annoying the entire time, and I don't even want them in the game. 2016-01-21
363 If I decide to vomit all over the screen in the middle of this stream, that is just how that's going to go. That is not me reacting to the wonders of visual studio. 2016-01-21
364 Everything just worked, which is crazy. 2016-01-21
366 And now it's like Mr. Doesn't-Want-To-Do-That-For-Me. 2016-01-22
367 Don't quote me on that. 2016-02-08
368 Emulation requires emulation! :) 2016-02-08
369 Puzzle games are puzzle games. If you like them, you like them. If you don't, you don't. 2016-02-11
370 It's not really possible for me to induce nausea. 2016-02-15
371 I don't want to be at the club. This is not dance time. 2016-02-15
372 I.K. is a nasty, nasty, nasty problem. 2016-02-16
373 So if we take the same elbow joint we were discussing yesterday... 2016-02-17
374 How's Mr Hand doing? 2016-02-17
375 Okay, so: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. 2016-02-22
376 Don't ask me why I did that. Sometimes people just like some rectangular cut-and-paste. 2016-02-22
377 I don't know if you can say you want to kill back that far. 2016-02-22
378 So here is all our Sikhs. 2016-02-24
379 Poor Richard Stallman. 2016-02-24
380 I'm gonna give you a frinstance. 2016-02-24
381 How did we get here? Am I the only one concerned about this? 2016-02-24
382 Oh, hello 4coder. Hello Mr 4coder. 2016-02-26
383 One of my high school guidance counselors was real dumb, and he went to Harvard. 2016-03-01
384 Where is the output from this program? 2016-03-01
385 So, let's pretend we're going to be coding on Handmade Hero now and see what happens. 2016-03-02
386 I think we're there. I think we can try doing some coding tomorrow. 2016-03-02
387 I think we have successfully completed our 4coder switch! 2016-03-02
388 Pay attention to me. Thank you. 2016-03-03
389 I'm gonna let Allen do whatever he was gonna do. 2016-03-03
390 Oh, hi! Welcome to "Not Calling the Function. 2016-03-04
391 Do we have less installed? Yeah! 2016-03-04
392 CBAD, that's my rapper name. 2016-03-08
393 Drivers and Windows. They conspire to "help" you. 2016-03-08
394 So here we are in handmade.cpp. Kind of nice to be back in the codebase. 2016-03-08
395 The stream actually hasn't ended, that's the funny part, Mr Counter Person. 2016-03-08
396 Maybe under certain laboratory conditions we can create conditions even hotter than that, and it can die in that fire. 2016-03-09
397 I don't know how that ended up working. 2016-03-09
398 That's what I'm talking about. Minidump with heap, bro! Alright, alright, minidump with heap, coming right up... Here comes the dump! 2016-03-10
399 Thanks microsoft! Thanks for everything!! 2016-03-10
400 It's looking pretty good... 2016-03-10
401 Oh, cannot convert to char*... Oh! I beg to differ. 2016-03-12
402 This is a tough episode. 2016-03-14
403 We set ourselves up for success. 2016-03-15
404 *whistles* Someone typed the word Zelda into the chat, so I felt the need to whistle. 2016-03-17
405 We have some stuff doing some stuff. 2016-03-17
406 What do you think, Pseudonym73, is this one good enough? 2016-03-17
407 I'm curious about your curiosity. 2016-03-17
408 So somebody, when they're actually storing the events, is doing something dumb, and that somebody is obviously me. 2016-03-18
409 Can't you see, Mr Five minute warning, that I'm right in the middle of something? What is wrong with you? 2016-03-18
410 C++ is awesome and always does everything wrong. 2016-03-18
411 It's just a full tristrip and it touches itself maximally. 2016-03-18
412 Are you ready for this? Because this is ridiculous. 2016-03-21
413 It's a little pointer-chasey. 2016-03-21
414 Whoops, that function doesn't exist in 4coder yet, you can't call it, Casey! 2016-03-21
415 I forgot about the particle system. I forgot that it was using the hero's head. 2016-03-21
416 Take that Portland, you thought you could be the ones with a guy in a tree who's just hanging out and crazy. Well, we're the ones with the guy in the tree, not you! 2016-03-22
417 I apologise, DebugIDs. I was saying you were extraneous, but really you seem pretty sanely designed and I don't think there's any reason to get rid of you because it looks like you're doing a useful thing. 2016-03-22
418 Sorry, man in the tree. 2016-03-22
419 We clone because we care. 2016-03-22
420 By the way, I can still hear helicopters outside, so I'm assuming the guy in the tree is still in the tree. 2016-03-22
421 That to me sounds like a good idea, and I guess we'll find out why it's a stupid idea in a minute when I try it. 2016-03-24
422 Oh, so I guess we do print out END_BLOCK at the moment. 2016-03-24
423 Would you be a lamb and jump me there? 2016-03-24
424 We just have a bug bug. 2016-03-24
425 Oh, that's amusing. That's actually correct, hilariously, I think. 2016-03-24
426 Santa is not good. 2016-03-24
427 It would be weird for me to say "Stay on the chat" while I don't do that. 2016-03-24
428 I would say Won is somebody worth watching in an interview, however... 2016-03-24
429 The baby's been in the bathwater so long, there's no baby anymore, the baby has dissolved completely and there's just baby colored water. 2016-03-25
430 This is kinda being Mr Cheesy - Mr Cheesepants, Cheese man. 2016-03-25
431 Ladies and Gentlemen, when you write a TODO maybe you should give yourself enough information to actually do it later. No worries. 2016-03-26
432 Where are you, Mr. Environment Variables? 2016-03-29
433 Let's double check to make sure we can still stream. 2016-03-29
434 33c0 33c0 33c0 33c0 33c0. 2016-03-29
435 I wanna twiddle it a little bit. 2016-03-29
436 I don't care about you. 2016-03-29
437 Something very strange is afoot. 2016-03-29
438 So complicated. I rather enjoy it, though. 2016-03-29
439 Never do anything that actually matters in PHP and MySQL. 2016-03-31
440 How about you actually check to see if it's loaded, Muratori! 2016-03-31
441 That's actually not our fault -- that's just actually this code being wrong! 2016-03-31
442 Here's a thought. And you can tell me what you think of this thought; of the thinking behind this thought. 2016-03-31
443 Look at that. So lovely. 2016-03-31
444 I think I would like to quote Andrew Chronister here and just say that, 'Insobot is a national treasure' 2016-03-31
445 I am super double happy with how that went. I am a happy puppy. 2016-03-31
446 Someday we probably will, because I just won't be able to not do it. 2016-04-01
447 The web is not the aqueducts of Rome, it's the drunken orgy where they gorge themselves and vomit. 2016-04-04
448 Searching the Internet is not the way to solve that problem. 2016-04-05
449 I believe you should pay for your software. At MollyRocket we pay for absolutely everything we use. 2016-04-05
450 My nose is four dimensional. It exists in space-time. 2016-04-05
451 It can never hurt to have more math friends. 2016-04-05
452 I don't really like Jimmy Wales' face so much. 2016-04-06
453 She's dead, Jim. She is dead. 2016-04-06
454 None of that's a thing. 2016-04-07
455 If you're not on the 4coder bandwagon yet, I'm not really sure what to say. I guess you're just using a lousy editor. Sorry. 2016-04-08
456 Arrrgggghhhhhh. 2016-04-08
457 We're just gonna make this a very quiet, dignified edit. 2016-04-08
458 Consider yourself so very lucky. 2016-04-08
459 Their underwear is also awesome. Not that that has anything to do with anything. 2016-04-09
460 They make these shirts and I wear them. 2016-04-09
461 You feel me, dawg? 2016-04-09
462 Nice work Muratori. You're off the team. 2016-04-09
463 I'm gonna make that be yellow, because yellow is the color of... urine. Which is an essential by-product. And Gandhi drank it, supposedly. I wasn't there... 2016-04-09
464 What? Who wrote this ridiculous code? That's garbage. 2016-04-09
465 Isn't every day kind of special, at the end of the day? 2016-04-13
466 Some day after Allen Webster is done pounding editors into the ground with his raw and meaty fist. 2016-04-13
467 If that thing was a phantom, it would sort of hover over here. 2016-04-13
468 My Lord, that is slow. 2016-04-13
469 We won't add up to 100% 2016-04-14
470 How cool is that, though! 2016-04-14
471 ...and then I am going to kill myself. Which I have. 2016-04-14
472 Clocks without children. It's like Doctors Without Borders, only less altruistic. 2016-04-15
473 Sweet child of mine. 2016-04-19
474 It's all white, like Donald Trump's America. 2016-04-20
475 Every game should be called Crowtel. 2016-04-20
476 That's just super accidental. 2016-04-23
477 My body will track me, but it will never come to rest. 2016-04-23
478 I want the head to snap back to the body when you stop pushing. 2016-04-23
479 Nobody cares about square root at all anymore. 2016-04-26
480 That's... math. 2016-04-26
481 I have no idea how to say Sergio properly, let alone sexily. 2016-05-05
482 I forgot there's a me down there. 2016-05-13
483 I don't want them to start invalid, although they are invalid - in the sense that they have no arms and legs... 2016-05-13
484 I'm gonna put an owl of shame on top of an owl of shame for that one... 2016-05-14
485 Math is fun, let's go shopping. 2016-05-14
486 I'm gonna be Mr Slypants Slypantsyman. 2016-05-24
487 I'm gonna go ahead and hunt this guy down before stopping. 2016-05-24
488 Cheese fingers are a big problem. 2016-05-28
489 It's tractable, it's small enough that you could learn it, it was not this giant splatter of garbage that's just smeared all over the walls like some kind of lunatic asylum where they're trying to keep the poop from sticking to the padded cell or whatever like it is now. 2016-05-28
490 The Steam API is a real [very long pause] swell API. 2016-06-02
491 We have a lot of N-squaredy things. 2016-06-02
492 The snake just went up the stairs. 2016-06-07
493 We can handle it, we're professionals... Ostensibly. 2016-06-09
494 It's no skin off our back. 2016-07-06
495 We probably need to go through this code more carefully. 2016-07-06
496 Unfortunately we have to be our own code fairy and we have to bring our own code dust and do our own code sprinkling. 2016-07-06
497 Let's use the word "evolucent" 2016-07-09
498 We can get our hideous pink on. 2016-07-12
499 You know it's been a bad day when you don't know where the ~ key is. 2016-07-12
500 The hoodie has been retired temporarily. 2016-07-14
501 I'm gonna start with something fairly stupid. 2016-07-14
502 Insobot is kind of a national treasure. 2016-07-19
503 Thank you, Mr Cycle Detection. 2016-07-20
504 The easiest way to prevent yourself from ever inventing the wheel is to think you've already invented the wheel. But you haven't. 2016-07-20
505 Your goal has to be that the reason you want money is to make games, not the reason you make games is to make money. 2016-07-20
506 Like putting your finger in a cloud. 2016-07-22
507 In theory this is a computer, yes? 2016-07-23
508 Oh my god! Why are there so many heads following me? 2016-07-23
509 It's like Doctors Without Barriers, you know what I'm saying? 2016-07-26
510 Go away, Five minute warning! 2016-07-26
511 Oh, we VirtualAlloc'd that. Wow, aren't we fancy! 2016-07-27
512 How interesting is it to have multiple render targets you can't do anything with? 2016-07-28
513 Woah! That is wicked cool. 2016-07-28
514 I love how it can't ever tell you any values in release mode. 2016-07-28
515 Thank god! That makes a lot more sense. 2016-07-29
516 I hope everyone was interested in the matrix thing today, because apparently that's all we're going to do. 2016-07-30
517 I find that concurrency is one thing, but flow control is really the harder thing. 2016-08-09
518 And, for the love of god, people, do not write in and send me any of those awful volatile articles that people sent in that were just all wrong. 2016-08-10
519 You ALMOST only live once. 2016-08-10
520 Here is Mr Gamey-Pants-Poo. 2016-08-11
521 And the bug is gone. 2016-08-11
522 No sense not dotting your t's, crossing your i's and so on... 2016-08-16
523 So I'm going to go work this out on the blackboard and figure out if I'm just... uh... on crack. 2016-07-22
524 I am not a floating point guru. 2016-09-21
525 Chrome? Chrooooooome? 2016-09-21
526 I feel like it's hard to say something quotable on demand. 2016-09-21
527 Everyone can relax, and by "everyone", I mean "me". 2016-09-27
528 NOTE(casey): PROGRAMMING! RAII = bad :( ZII = good :) 2016-10-21
529 I want to run all the viruses in the program (valley girl voice) 2016-10-25
530 You're an operating system. Have some self-respect. 2016-10-27
531 It's 2016, and all you have to do to kill Windows is just allocate some memory. 2016-10-27
532 Meowzers! 2016-10-28
533 It's kind of like insobot is the beat poet of our generation. 2016-10-28
534 The world is null... the world is null! 2016-11-12
535 Our brains are still not working properly. 2016-11-13
536 So we don't seem to be having any overflow problems at the moment... *stream crashes* 2016-11-13
537 I'm the only thing that's happening. 2016-12-10
538 We're gonna do a little bit on 3D here. 2016-12-11
539 Please take it with a grain of salt, or even a cube of salt. 2016-12-17
540 You never upgrade anything during the development of the game. 2016-12-31
541 I really like Pound Cake. 2016-12-31
542 We're going to go over that in very excruciating detail in a moment. 2017-01-15
543 As is the rule on Handmade Hero: I never get to do any preparation. 2017-01-15
544 I wanted there to be a compressor called broccoli. 2017-01-23
545 This would take a super set of the parameters. 2017-01-28
546 I realize this is not relevant to programming. But it is relevant to biscuits. 2017-01-29
547 Mārtiņš finds everything. 2017-02-04
548 It's always very bad to forget your water bottle. 2017-02-05
549 Fantastic. 2017-02-05
550 We're going to write some code and hope that it's right. 2017-02-11
551 Watch this point. 2017-02-12
552 The only reason that we ever did it is because Won insisted that we do it. 2017-02-19
553 Martins is almost always right. 2017-02-26
554 That's great! I was not expecting that to just work. 2017-02-26
555 With that, we wish starchypancakes well. 2017-02-26
556 You're going down. 2017-03-05
557 He kinda has a USB butt. 2017-03-11
558 It's high allergy season here, folks, and I'm a snotty boy. 2017-03-11
559 It might be a protest, or it might be a parade of some kind. 2017-03-11
560 I think it was Leonardo da Vinci who said "The perfect painting would be nothing but a canvas of pure magenta." He also listed the HTML #color for it: ff00ff. 2015-03-31
561 Ohhhh! ohhhhhh! Aaaaaah! 2017-03-25
562 This will be a stream filled with mucus. 2017-03-26
563 It's the inverse-square law kicking our butts. 2017-04-01
564 Don't OOP. OOC. 2017-04-01
565 What are the chances that there's one way to always write code? 2017-04-01
566 I don't know how to use cars. 2017-04-09
567 Today's episode might be a little bit of a potpourri. 2017-04-22
568 So, I'm gonna take a look at this saucy gentleman right here... 2017-04-22
569 Death by a thousand function calls. 2017-04-22
570 Let's take a little bit of a gloved finger in here, and just kind of feel around and see what we can palpate. 2017-04-22
571 Where Santa Claus went, I don't know. 2017-04-22
572 ATI peed on our cake. 2017-04-23
573 Happy day happiness of special deliciousness. 2017-04-29
574 Cheers. 2017-04-30
575 You can't just start talking about variables that don't exist yet. 2017-04-30
576 I feel like they want a lot more poof. 2017-05-01
577 I'm interested to know if you can make Pixel Hero... 2017-05-06
578 We don't care if the NSA is really good at The Binding of Isaac. 2017-06-03
579 Everybody needs to get lit. 2017-06-17
580 I don't want pirate stuff, I want Pirates of the Caribbean. 2017-06-24
582 We are out in complete La La Land, and I admit that, but, I mean, it's lighting, what do you want from me? 2017-06-24
583 That's my stupid idea. I hope you like it. 2017-06-24
584 You can't win 'em all but you're certainly not gonna win if you never roll. 2017-06-25
585 I assume it's "hare-brained", like the rabbit. Or is it "hair-brained", like the follicle? 2017-06-25
586 That's gonna be a whole bailiwick in and of itself. 2017-07-08
587 You guys have fancy stuff that you've made. 2017-07-09
588 Unfortunately it looks like here 4coder is too smart for us. 2017-07-15
589 Don't scratch your eye. 2017-07-15
590 Sometimes programming requires elevating the energy level to an uncomfortable amount. 2017-07-23
591 Anyone who's not on board should make their opinions known. 2017-07-23
592 I am that government and you are being oppressed. 2017-07-23
593 It is effectively a democracy where no one listens to you. We have a term for that, it's called democracy. 2017-07-23
594 You need infinite waters. Well, probably not infinite waters, that's maybe too much waters 2017-08-05
595 It's not live now. 2017-08-05
596 The S stands for sucks 2017-10-14
597 Windows 10 is hardly professional, but it is branded "Professional" 2017-10-14
598 I would crash, probably pretty soon 2017-10-15
599 Why is node.js running? Oh my god.. Once node.js is running you know its all over. That's the end of it. 2017-10-18
600 StackOverflow says there isn't a way to do it, which probably means there is a way to do it. 2017-10-28
601 Ohhhh... crudpoopies. 2017-11-20
602 Phff... 2017-11-20
603 Off to the Ray-ces 2017-11-20
604 What a sensible path to an include file! Y'know... just... just like the old days! You could have /usr/include, or you could have "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.11.25503\include". Please, Microsoft, die in a fire. 2017-11-20
605 What is a .1 engineer? 2017-12-09
606 I've been programming for 34 years, and I still don't really know game development 2017-12-10
607 It could just be floating point nonsense but it's probably something real 2017-12-23
608 So for whatever reason, C in its infinitesimal wisdom forces you to have a constructor declared to do the "equals" here 2017-12-28
609 Turns out, if you don't actually work, you get faster 2018-01-21
610 If you want to make money, don't program games. I mean, there's a multi-billion dollars company made on PHP, it's called facebook. 2018-02-03
611 "NOTE(casey): 148million" Okay, that's a great note, Casey, thanks for keeping that in there 2018-02-04
612 I would want to take you into a closed room with no access to anything, and demand you draw me various symbols 2018-02-10
613 Really really simple, really really stupid, not very accurate, but there you go. 2018-02-24
614 I also kind of want to do a grow operation on this here, and not the kind where the feds come because you're using U.V. lights 2018-05-05
615 Everything gets better when the code gets smaller. 2018-05-12
616 Bad, wrong, incorrect, false! 2018-06-02
617 I'm gonna have to take a mulligan on that one. 2018-06-02
618 If wishes were horses... we'd all be at the airport 2018-07-01
619 The proof is in the pudding. And the pudding is largely made of dog faeces at this point 2018-07-08
620 An artist's machine can write 2.5 MB before Photoshop can even select the lasso tool, not counting if you accidentally, heaven forfend, accidentally hit the "Open In Bridge" button, at which point you could rewrite all of the world's knowledge many times over to optical media and you would be done before Photoshop could even open its dialog box 2018-07-14
621 too much IOCPnus 2018-07-15
622 I'm just going to leave it like this, and everyone who has a big-endian machine can eat on it 2018-08-05
623 Oh, Blue Angels again today 2018-08-05
624 Welcome to Handmade Hero, the game where we code a complete show on stream 2018-08-11
625 So, great, good, fantastic, nice work. Great job, Microsoft, as always crushing it 2018-08-12
626 Why would you farm vegetables when you can just eat meat? And the answer is: because you have to feed vegetables to the meat to make the meat. And until you figure out how to make meat without vegetables... you need to know how to grow vegetables. It's really that basic 2018-08-26
627 Gmail is like, "Hey look, man, I just don't know how to do typing!" That's fantastic 2018-08-26
628 Working with the C++ committee would probably be more like rearranging the ice in the lemonade of someone who's holding a glass of lemonade on a deckchair on the Titanic. Like, you're not even gonna move the chairs. You're gonna be able to get, like, an ice cube moved around 2018-09-01
629 Just lemongrab the texture 2018-09-01
630 I don't care about security. 2018-10-20
631 Forget the recap, we've got work to do, folks. 2018-10-20
632 If we want to be maximally piggy... 2018-10-20
633 My brain is not one of those brains that does algebra well. 2018-10-20
634 Did insobot just say "Domo arigato, Mr. Compiler"? Because if so, then that is the new high watermark for artificial intelligence 2018-10-20
635 There's gotta be a "none", said the priest 2018-10-28
636 Don't forget to like and subscribe 2018-11-10
637 It's just syntactic masturbation 2018-11-24
638 Revolutionary concept for the late '00s. 2018-12-01
639 I like cats better than humans anyway. 2018-12-01
640 We're living in a world where we're teaching robots to drive cars. Typography... not as hard of a problem. 2018-12-04
641 That seems like the best plan to me; don't quote me on it. 2018-12-08
642 Oh DOS, so precious... "Oh, little lemon sweets. So precious. Have you enjoyed renaming your little files? What would you like to do now? Rename something" 2019-02-09
643 It's a DPIDPI - Dots Per Inch Dumb Programming Interface 2019-02-24
644 That's for 4coder Advance for the GameBoy Advance 2019-02-24
645 Entropy is the mother of invention 2019-04-14
646 This is the TagGrid, not to be confused with Hagrid from Harry Potter, though it's no less large and opposing. 2019-04-14
647 If someone is going to do something right, and someone wrong, C will do it right and C++ will do it wrong. 2019-08-17
648 I think anyone who has ever contributed to the C++ standard needs to have their license to code revoked. 2019-08-17
649 Hi Mom, we just thwarted Darwin. 2019-09-07
650 When you're programming, you always want to assume that you have a bug. 2020-02-22
651 Let's get rid of the max - not the boeing 737 max of course. 2020-02-22
652 Pretty much any language without built-in static analysis is a mistake. I don't know that there are any exceptions to that. [in chat on Jon's stream] 2022-08-29
653 A GPT trained on hackernews would be something special. 2022-12-04