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1The nice thing about programming on Linux is that I had to install emacs again.2016-02-03
2That's the first time I'm going to use a quadruple star.2016-02-04
3We have the plan now, people.2016-02-04
4I hate debugging repaint stuff.2016-02-07
5Spot dot. That's awesome. Awesome.2016-02-17
6Normalize. Not those crazy eyes. Just normal eyes.2016-02-17
7Aaah, thank goodness!2016-02-20
9Oh, we're hung.2016-02-20
10I just need to do that one more time: Boop!2016-02-24
11Dammit! I didn't bind it to a key, though! I have to bind it to a key first.2016-02-24
12This is kind of a codie thing. Not codie as in a name, but code-ey.2016-02-24
13*SIGH*... god dammit...2016-02-24
14Just like that.2016-02-24
16So the whole file vanished...2016-03-04
17Let's make sure everything builds. Good, it doesn't.2016-03-04
18You, you, and you. You're all dead to me.2016-03-09
19Life is better when you initialize variables. Do do do-do dooo.2016-03-09
20When i'm in float, things are gonna get crazy.2016-03-16
22Oh wait, we don't need to pop and push because that's the point of a stack.2016-03-23
23Just chill, man.2016-03-23
24Hold on.2016-03-23
25We just need to make sure we don't keep going through Handmade Hero.2016-03-23
26I thought I heard something fall.2016-03-30
27Dude that's so cool... No no no, forget that part.2016-03-30
28Who gives a fuck? Not I.2016-03-30
29Did someone not set up a state for the root node? You *inaudiable* silly.2016-03-30
30So, table generator, how're you doing today?2016-04-06
31I don't want to support as much nonsense as I was supporting before.2016-05-04
32This is like the worst day on windows ever.2016-05-04
33I concur with popcorn: Who's that?!2016-05-11
34We don't want anything in the pee-pee body.2016-05-16
35Yeayeayeayea - that'll work.2016-05-16
36*maniacal evil laughter*2016-05-16
37Ah, everything's wrong. Awesome.2016-05-18
38Crystal crispy.2016-06-22
39It's never worth it to skip the brackets.2016-06-27
40I have never wanted a smartphone.2016-07-22
41You'll excuse me if I procrastinate for ten seconds here...2016-08-24
42It's not gonna be unreferenced for long buddy boy, just wait and see.2016-09-01
43Java and python both suck ***2016-09-01
44You gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.2016-09-07
46My debug view is bugged right now.2016-09-07
47All humans using the auto indent from the custom API will need to report to me for reprogramming.2016-09-07
48I am so confident that this is not broken - and that is a lie - that I am going to delete the old code.2016-09-08
49This right here should be str.str.2016-10-27
50If you're giving people the freedom to fix their own problems, you've got to give them problems too.2016-12-30
51This is just me filling time.2017-02-24
52That's my analysis of the situation.2017-02-24
53If you're not writing [quicksort or binary search] every day then you're not living.2017-04-14
54Why can't I say C++ish.2017-05-19
55I would hate doing it, but I wouldn't feel like the worst person ever, doing that.2017-07-07
56In fact, this is the first stream I've done since the last time I streamed2018-03-03
57insobot: Coyote holding a barbeque at his computer.2018-07-13