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0 What is the biggest difference between this and The Witness? It's a 2D game. 2016-02-22
1 I just have 10 seconds left on this download. 2016-02-23
2 If people wanna buy me a computer that's faster, I have a Patreon. 2016-02-23
3 Sorry, people, I know it's boring to look at nothing. 2016-02-23
4 Oh yeah, you've gotta have an auto-playing video on your site. 2016-02-23
5 I think a lot of the people here are Patreon backers of me, but if there's one thing that you... *buffer* *crash* *black screen* 2016-02-23
6 Martin should show up, but he's not going to... 2016-04-09
7 Astute people at this point probably know what's going on. 2016-04-09
8 This is gonna be, like, one of those days with Unity. 2016-04-09
9 The Witness is like this times 10. 2016-04-09