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0 Call up the twitch people, I'm sick of being censored, damnit. 2016-02-01
1 I did something that made AutoCAD come. 2016-02-06
2 I'm not gonna make a shitty game. 2016-02-06
3 I think Garbage Collection is probably the largest mistake in computer science. 2016-02-06
4 This is kind of impromptu, but someone's got to write the fucking game, right? 2016-02-07
5 Oh, look who's here. Casey's here. The bad advice - or I'm too stupid to understand it - Casey Muratori. 2016-02-07
6 I have a file called 'fuck' in every single folder. 2016-02-07
7 I sorta *** with everything... 2016-03-15
8 If i hit my wife with a bus, all world research stops. 2016-03-17
9 It's a piece of *** garbage. I use the old versions and they're fast. 2016-03-19
10 Oh fuck, we, did it again. 2016-03-19
11 So we're gonna step in here... FUCK! 2016-03-19
12 Didn't we just call the constructor? Oh it's not the constructor it's the *** overloaded bracket bracket operator! 2016-03-19
13 Don't hack me please. 2016-03-21
14 Hold the *** on. 2016-03-21
15 What, friends list? *** you, I don't want any friends. 2016-03-21
16 What the fuck's going on? 2016-03-21
17 Who can't he stand? Me? That's a shame, I'm a really nice guy. I'm serious. 2016-03-21
18 Shit, what did I say that was quotable? 2016-03-21
19 What? Oh, okay, I won't use the multi-threaded then. I can't handle it. 2016-03-21
20 Why do I have a guy trolling in my chat? Why did this happen to me? 2016-03-21
21 Dude we did it, we actually looked up a *** ip address. We can get on with our lives now. 2016-03-21
22 *** idiot. Oh, no, he's still here... 2016-03-21
23 Opt-out. Oh yeah. Oh baby, swear away. 2016-03-21
24 The best way to make Almond Milk: hot water. 2016-03-21
25 Fuck California and everyone in California. 2016-03-21
26 Shit, I probably can't say that without them wanting to sue me. 2016-03-21
27 I'm definitely a better programmer sober. 2016-03-21
28 I'm not TRYING to create anything. I AM creating. 2016-03-21
29 Okay okay okay okay... okay... okay okay... okay. 2016-03-21
30 Fuck it, that's the size you're getting. I don't give a shit. 2016-03-22
31 So I'm trying to learn how to do latté art, which is basically the hardest thing in the world. 2016-03-22
32 I fucking hate C++ so much GRRRR. 2016-03-25
33 Murder them right in the fucking face. 2016-03-25
34 Huhh.... they're all fired. 2016-03-25
35 I still have my wisdom teeth because my mouth is so big because I talk so fucking much. 2016-03-25
36 Just fuck it man, inline it. 2016-03-26
37 You know what I hate? Programming. 2016-03-26
38 So, the fucker's fucked, and now we're going to fuck this fuck into the fuck. 2016-03-26
39 Alright, so we've got a fuckstack now. 2016-03-26
40 Whoever enjoyed macro-hell yesterday, you're gonna love today. 2016-03-26
41 I'm a fool I tell you, a fool! 2016-03-26
42 Don't be a be a dick. 2016-04-06
43 I don't really play video games because I think they're borring. 2016-04-06
44 Libcurl is pretty decent. 2016-04-10
45 "Do I like the colour scheme," Jesus Christ... 2016-04-10
46 Wait, I've gone full stupid. 2016-04-10
47 Fucker. Fuckin' bot. 2016-04-10
48 I'm not writing an HTTP library. 2016-04-10
49 I've used Linux a lot and it sucks. 2016-04-10
50 I mean, Windows sucks too, and OSX is the worst. 2016-04-10
51 It's not hard to make a better Operating Sys... I mean, it is HARD to make a better Operating System... 2016-04-10
52 Hahahaha! Fuck you, insobot! 2016-04-10
53 We've just requested porn, because that's what we do. 2016-04-12
54 I guess is coming. 2016-04-12
55 Mm, async. Motherfuckers. 2016-04-12
56 That is the best general purpose async API I have seen in my life. 2016-04-12
57 Well that's not a cool demo. That's a lame demo. 2016-04-12
58 Fuck you, I win, computer. 2016-04-12
59 If you don't think that's cool, you ain't got no soul. 2016-04-12
60 Shit, I can do anything now! 2016-04-12
61 Here we go, it's Linux time. My favourite operating system, guys. 2016-04-12
62 I'm not angry. I'm not agry at all... 2016-04-12
63 I overall think this is better than the windows way of doing it. 2016-04-12
64 Why are you done with C++ and what took you so long? 2016-04-18
65 You're gonna have to choose between Handmade Network and me. 2016-04-20
66 What am I drinking? This is sperm whale sperm. Double sperm from a whale. 2016-04-20
67 God dammit I gotta fucking program more shit. 2016-04-21
68 This is not acceptable. Linux needs to die.... So let's go make this work for Linux. 2016-04-23
69 When you have someone like Linus Torvalds in charge, this is what you get. 2016-04-23
70 Who the fuck wrote this shit? It just doesn't even make sense. 2016-04-27
71 So these are pretty bad, and I fucked this up pretty bad. 2016-04-27
72 Actually no, these are fine. 2016-04-27
73 Std::list gives you AIDS. 2016-05-05
74 Unit tests are for pussies. 2016-05-07
75 That's fuckin' tits! 2016-05-26
76 Arg fuck it! Lets go nuts! Copy some memory! 2016-06-06
77 I don't ever do anything wrong. I'm perfect. 2016-06-09
78 TODO: temp? Oops, shipped a game with that. 2016-06-09
79 I'd rather cut off my dick than use git. 2016-07-02
80 People cried that they were too hard. 2016-07-17
81 People ask me why my eyes don't hurt after staring at blue and green screens. You're about to find out... 2016-07-17
82 I'm pretty sure this can cause eye damage. 2016-07-17
83 320 320? Suck my dick 320 320! You're supposed to be 0! 2016-07-26
84 I done something wrong. 2016-07-26
85 I hate.. I hate.. I don't wanna get into how much I hate compute. 2016-08-26
86 All characters need a slot, which is like a slut, but not as nice... 2016-09-08
87 Fuck, Donald Knuth stop talking! 2016-09-08
88 By the way, if you're looking at this code going "I don't fucking understand it", neither do I... 2016-09-08
89 Is it a sloth? Is it a badger? I don't give a fuck. 2016-09-14
90 I fucking love visual studio. 2016-10-26
91 Programming is hard. 2016-10-27
92 I'd rather stick a screwdriver in my urethra than deal with that shit. 2016-10-31
93 There's no way I'm gonna sit here for that 300ms happily. 2016-11-29
94 Life's too short. 2016-12-30
95 Mute your mic, asshole! 2016-12-31
96 Dennis Ritchie was smoking a bunch of pot and decided that he wanted to play a video game on a PDP-7 but he couldn't. So he had to go invent a programming language. 2016-12-31
97 First I get to be Shawn, and now I get the big face. 2016-12-31
98 I hope I didn't use porn images. 2017-01-06
99 Wait, what happens if I run the fucking thing with the fucking thing? Is this thing all fucked? 2017-01-16
100 ...If you're into jokes, because you seem to be having a good time... 2017-01-21
101 Don't do geometry shaders. 2017-01-21
102 That's not what it is at all, but you know what it is. 2017-01-21
103 I swear to god, I don't know what I'm doing. 2017-01-23
104 I don't wanna learn more things! 2017-01-24
105 I'd rather cut my dick off than use std::string. 2017-01-24
106 I'll gladly shoot a cow right between the eyes just to get my yearly animal murder count in. 2017-01-24
107 Anyone who says a debugger is useless is a fucking idiot. 2017-01-26
108 I don't know everything. 2017-01-26
109 Oh, just make everything an array. 2017-02-04
110 Data is the most obvious way of specifying the problem. And you want to the code to just exist to deal with this data. 2017-02-04