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0 Where do you find that, blah blah blah? 2016-02-18
1 Oh gosh, Bret Hudson's in here! 2016-02-18
2 Look how I became the guinea pig of Vulkan. 2016-02-18
3 This is really cool. Guys, I actually like this [Vulkan] 2016-02-21
4 Power off. 2016-02-22
5 Maybe I could laser etch the spec on an old book I have laying around. 2016-02-22
6 I dunno about you guys, but I'm having a great time. 2016-02-22
7 Here we go, boys. 2016-02-22
8 Please just work, please just work, please just work, please just work, please just work. 2016-02-22
9 Oh my gosh, I unbound save. 2016-02-23
10 STB is so awful, though. 2016-03-08
11 STB is great. I have no problem with STB besides his bright white thingies. 2016-03-08
12 That's total bullshit, Miblo, and you know it is too. 2016-03-08
13 Trump is so good, though. 2016-03-13
14 I just wanna take a moment and say how cool this looks. 2016-03-27
15 How do I already have a bug? 2016-03-27
16 Look at that! Smooth as butter. 2016-03-27
17 I'm fucking in love with windows, guys. 2016-03-27
18 I am not writing "thingies" in my code. It makes no fucking sense. 2016-04-01
19 \r \r \r. 2016-04-01
20 Oh my gosh, Miblo. 2016-04-01
21 Hey, let me see if I have a cord for this right n- *stream dies* 2016-04-01
22 Ignore me, I'm fucking dumb. 2016-04-02
23 I'm not a fan of this. 2016-04-16
24 Oh my god, my dogs need to stop fucking barking. 2016-04-16
25 Let's get some 'Sexual Healing' going. 2016-04-23
26 Stop braking, oh my fucking go... 2016-04-23
27 I can't do anything right without getting caught. 2016-04-23
28 Everyone knows who Kate Bush is now. 2016-04-23
29 I really like WeeChat, though. 2016-04-23
30 You guys are such nerds. 2016-04-23
31 Abner, I'm more of a Linux elitist than you now. 2016-04-23
32 I'm like Miblo. 2016-04-23
33 Miblo's a fine person to be a mod. 2016-04-23
34 This is the best language I have ever seen [in reference to C#] 2016-06-04
35 I'm calling it: the schedule is not gonna stick! 2016-07-22