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0This is the thinking stream, everybody.2017-03-17
1Damn moustache whiskers, get outta my face!2017-03-17
2Allen, the man of the hour, I owe you a cookie.2017-03-17
3I like to fly by the seat of my pants.2017-03-17
4I like goto.2017-03-17
5Everybody loves the web, right?2017-03-22
6That is bogus there, people. Bogus.2017-03-24
7What is with this indentation‽‽‽.2017-03-24
8You're not a true hero until you have a pull-up bar in your life.2017-03-24
9Cross your fingers! Fuck, it's still fucked.2017-03-30
10It looks like it built, WHAT?2017-03-30
11And then, I counted wrong?2017-04-12
12So basically an affiliate is the ghetto version of a partner.2017-05-05
13Killing stuff is cool.2017-05-11
14We gotta kill this before it kills m...2017-05-15
15The only thing I was worried about was the infinite loops.2017-05-15
16Let's just go balls deep.2017-06-02
17I do like whisky and coke, but I also like whisky and whisky.2017-06-12