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0 You go out looking for Pokémon in the tall grass, but you find things like badgers and foxes... 2016-07-22
1 How's everyone doing this evening? 2016-08-25
2 Actually I used to be a proper DJ! 2016-08-25
3 I don't give a flying... toss about memory safety. 2016-08-25
4 I can't really pronounce Danish names, sorry, Mikkel. 2016-08-25
5 I'm just going to get it up for you... 2016-08-25
6 Sorry, that was just me being a numpty then. 2016-08-25
7 It's late at night and I'm just a bit bleurgh... 2016-08-25
8 I'm using all my code here. It all works. 2016-08-25
9 These streams aren't that formal anyway... 2016-09-06
10 I'm not trying to please a programmer's wet dream. 2016-09-06
11 I'm trying to make a better C, not a better C++ 2016-09-06
12 Now what else is in this damn thing that I need to do? 2017-01-03
13 You can tell I haven't tried to build this yet, because it doesn't actually build. 2017-01-07
14 You are a big numpty head, Bill. 2017-01-07
15 I'm being lazy. 2017-01-07
16 How many quotes have got the word "numpty" in it? 2017-01-07
17 Quoting everything I say is probably not a good idea. 2017-01-07
18 Sometimes I feel dyslexic. I'm not. I'm really not. 2017-01-08
19 That's because LLVM, not because of me. 2017-01-28
20 This is me going on the existential talk. 2017-03-27
21 You'd have to figure it out, I'm not being rude... 2017-03-27
22 I'm literally going off on tangents now. 2017-03-27
23 I don't know why I'm telling you how I write my own handwriting. 2017-03-27
24 Sometimes you get minor bugs, don't you? And then you fix them. 2018-05-28