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0 Everyone is a unique snowflake. 2016-02-21
1 I don't care enough to care. 2016-03-20
2 I was trying to not be at this level of explanation for this channel so much. 2016-04-09
3 Mmh... Is mmh a person you're talking to? 2016-04-09
4 I had to double-check that that was not the bot willing to port it to Linux. 2016-04-09
5 I do not support the Jeff and Casey rant about GC. 2016-04-09
6 Never force yourself to write garbage collector mutator barriers by hand. 2016-04-09
7 Don't do the hard work unnecessarily. 2016-04-09
8 Sorry about that, the fuse blew. 2016-04-15
9 Brrrrbrbbrrbbbbbrbrrr. 2016-04-15
10 I said that twice now. 2016-04-15
11 Oh god, and now you've gone and quoted THAT. Dammit! 2016-04-15
12 I usually think of bots as being inviolate. 2016-04-15
13 I don't think all this meta quoting is a good idea. Shit, you're gonna quote that. 2016-04-15
14 See you next time, which is right now if you're watching on YouTube. 2016-05-09
15 Ku-em-brea(d). Ku-em-brea(d). I think I'll stick with Benedict Cumberbatch. 2015-05-10
16 That's a suspiciously straight line. 2016-06-02
17 Do I have any secret videos? I don't think so. 2016-07-02
18 Sorry, Miblo. 2016-07-02
19 Look at me, using global variables! Woohoo! 2016-08-19
20 Should I pronounce it as in-so-far-as? 2016-08-19
21 So it's pronounced insufferous, or Benedict Cumberbatch... 2016-08-19
22 Miblo, don't do this, but... 2016-08-19
23 Handmade Devil. 2016-08-19
24 I'm not accusing anyone of being an idiot, I'm just trying to win hearts and minds... by calling them idiots. 2016-08-19
25 Oh my god, there's a macro for saying goodnight. You guys are terrible, terribly lazy. 2016-08-19
26 Did I just fix it? 2016-08-20
27 I certainly had long hair before I knew John Romero had long hair. 2016-08-20
28 This will have compile errors in it. And then when I run it'll also fail spectacularly. It won't run. 2016-09-02
29 What does a human being look like? 2016-11-10
30 It was purely done for, I don't know. 2016-12-31
31 Thanks for watching, and I hope you found that educationamul. 2017-01-20
32 I have three copies of you on my screen. 2017-02-04
33 Make everything an array of structs. 2017-02-04
34 I think I talked about all the consequences here. 2017-03-05
35 Maybe in ten years your game will break because something's different. 2017-03-12
36 Live long and prosper. 2017-04-14